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  1. Re: Blending problem with 1bpp images in windows7

    I would check out these tutorials see what distinctions you may fnd between the OS's ...

    Hope these help!

    Larry D...
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    SQL Server 2008 R2

    There are a ton of new features available in the new release of 2008 to make your reporting and scalability challenges in your programming that much easier to develop. It is easily integrated with...
  3. Re: prevent Silverlight app from loading until clicking

    I would try to use AJAX to load an HTML page that has the silverlight object embedded into it into an iframe. If you're app is hosted on Windows Server 2008 you can use the AJAX libraries that are a...
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    Re: parallel os installation

    I highly suggest using two hard drives for a dual boot system, there is nothing to change in the BIOS with that as once you install Win7 on the second hard drive you will be prompted at each start up...
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    Re: windows 7 could not connect xp

    Windows 7 has a new methodology of sharing files and folders called a home group. Here is a video on Bing that will walk you through the process of setting up a home group for the purpose of sharing...
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    Silverlight 4

    Now in Beta 1 is going to be supporting XPS format with print and native font support.

    GO to

    To check out some of the new features and get a good...
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    Re: Webshop user tracking

    that system should work...

    although I would probably have two tables in the database, one temp and one for completed orders... then call my database functions form a hidden frame... when a user...
  8. Re: WCF consumed by {JSON + ASP.NET} - Authentication, form or Windows?

    There is a ton of training for JSON, AJAX, and WCF that you can take advantage of for free.

    GO to and type JSON into the search...
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    Re: AJAX and Windows Authentication

    If you are using Windows server 2008 R2 on your server side there are a lot of functions with AJAX that are available now. I would play with using Windows Identity Framework and AJAX features to see...
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    Re: Cannot run .NET Application

    There is a possibility that you need to go to Windows update and install all of the updates for the machine again... if this is Vista you may want to consider installing the Windows 7 Release...
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    Windows 7 Compatibility Resources

    Windows 7 is set to be shipped by October 22, 2009. . Test your applications now and acheive a logo for your apps compliancy. All you need to get your apps tested and qualified for a logo can be...
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    Re: really simple ajax.

    There is no simple way to do this as AJAX requires the file you are pulling to be well formed... that's the XML part, if your HTML page has any broken or improperly nested tags the whole file itself...
  13. Re: aspnet_regsql.exe command to create DB..

    This is just a jump off page with several login controls to explore...

    Hope this helps
    Larry Darrah
  14. Re: handlig 401.2 error "access denied"

    check out this link...

    There are several ways you can implement this functionality and this should provide...
  15. Re: best moment of applying dynamic template?

    All you need to do is link the style sheet in your HTML header.... in your case this would be the best since you have style sheets already designed as sperate files...

    <link rel="stylesheet"...
  16. Re: How to ReFresh a user Control

    Wrap this around your control...

    <a href="#" onclick="location.reload(true)">CONTROL HERE</a>

    Its a JavaScript call that will provide the functionality I think you are looking for

    Hope this...
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    Re: File Upload using tag

    Check out this link... you can download examples of various ASP.NET AJAX uploaders with configure specs in the download...
  18. Re: MouseOver event on the Button in Asp.Net

    You could use DHTML JavaScript functions to slide the disabled button out of view, or change it's z index to be below your other div items. Do you have a JS file you are implementing with this app?...
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    Re: XAP or ASPX or Mixuture?

    There are some fantastic tutorials including video tutorials found here...

    THe content here ought to be able to get you up and going. Hope this helps

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    Re: Login and Password validations!!

    Here is the page on MSDN where the ASP.NET login controls are discussed...

    Hope this helps

    Larry Darrah
    MS AE
  21. Re: FilterTextBoxExtendet to support specific string

    My question would be if every response will require a + sybol... if so then there isn't a need to input it, you can prepend the symbol to the number post submittal. If that isn't the case you can...
  22. Re: Text floating around a (dynamically sized) image

    Check out the learning video tutorials...

    Hope this helps,

    Larry Darrah
    MS AE
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    Re: SQL Express Account

    The user I would authenticate with would be 'sa' which is the default for the SQL Administrator. There some issues with SQL Express in DB authentication. You may want to also try SQL CE (Compact...
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    Re: Displaying text on video

    I dont see the problem... shouldn't the text decrease in size when the window is sized down or increase when the window is maximized?

    Larry D
    MS Architect Evangelist
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    Re: Newbie - image always ontop

    well if its a web application or page you need to define the z index as constant and 0

    Hope this helps,
    Larry D
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