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    Encrypt/Decrypt Problem

    I was used the link - Encrypt/Decrypt a String

    I have a problem in my application.

    I was encrypt a string using the above link with a key from PC1.
    i like to decrypt the encrypted...
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    I have an array of data. Using MSChart control, the array of data plotted successfully.
    I like to plot vertical lines in the same graph. Is possible ?

    If not, which graph...
  3. Re: CFileDialog Initial Directory - Reg

    Problem solved using the below code. Thanks

    CFileDialog fileDlg(TRUE, _T("csv"), _T("*.csv"), OFN_NOCHANGEDIR | OFN_FILEMUSTEXIST | OFN_HIDEREADONLY, szFilters);
  4. [RESOLVED] CFileDialog Initial Directory - Reg


    i have 2 browse button. one for getting the filepath and another for getting the folderpath.
    If i was allocate different type of initial directory at application starting time.
    Its open...
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    Re: chkstk.asm Error


    CMasterDlg Dlg(this);
    CPage1 p1;
    Dlg.AddPage(&p1, CPage1::IDD);
    if (Dlg.DoModal() == ID_WIZFINISH)
    {}After 25th click of open button,...
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    Re: chkstk.asm Error

    I will check.

    Pls find the attachment. I'm using the same concept.

    That is, Main dialog contains a button, when i click that button i called property sheet with one page. that page contain...
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    Re: chkstk.asm Error

    OK. But I don't know can i come out from this error.

    I accept. it's hard to answer without seeing any code. But i can't to post my project. But i was created a sample code. but the same error...
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    chkstk.asm Error


    Error message: Unhandled exception at 0x01A61CD7 in Test.exe: 0xC00000FD: Stack Overflow(Parameters: 0x00000000, 0x03212000)

    The call stack window displays like bellow:

  9. Re: Auto-close MSG box - Without Button and Title

    set its Border value to None or set Title bars value to false makes empty dialog box.

    Dialog Frame, Child, Popup, and Overlapped characteristics have title bar.
    Its value like WS_DLGFRAME,...
  10. Auto-close MSG box - Without Button and Title


    I referred Auto-close message box.

    But i like to view the message box with out title bar and buttons. Is possible?
  11. Re: atlsimpstr.h access violation error

    Thank you Mr.ovidiucucu. I was used temporary CString variables, having incoming serial data and stored in a file for verify the data is correct or not. This process running under MainSequence...
  12. Re: atlsimpstr.h access violation error


    I have a doubt, today i received below errors from atlsimpstr.h,

    1. nLength <=GetData() -> AllocLength

    2. nrefs != 0

    3. CStringData* pNewData = pOldData->Clone->Allocate(nLength,...
  13. Re: atlsimpstr.h access violation error

    Typing mistake. In my project, correctly declared by

    CMainDlg *Main = (CMainDlg *)pVoid;

    UINT MainSequence(LPVOID pVoid)
    HWND hwnd = (HWND)pVoid;
  14. [RESOLVED] atlsimpstr.h access violation error

    Recently, i got an "atlsimpstr.h access violation reading location" error when run my project.

    I'm using two threads in my project. If i run single thread the above error did not...
  15. Re: Database Backup Using VC++

    yes. Thank you Mr.2kaud & Mr.Igor I got the result :)
  16. Re: Database Backup Using VC++

    still the same error occur. what is wrong with my system?

    am i missed any settings?

    kindly Find the attached code and run from your system.
  17. Re: Database Backup Using VC++

    TEST 1:

    int main()
    return 0;
  18. Re: Database Backup Using VC++

    C:\\users\\sara\\desktop. the last thread i wrongly typed C:\\Windows\\cmd.exe instead of C:\\Windows\\System32\\cmd.exe.

    I was execute the below command, Error occured: mysqldump : couldn't find...
  19. Re: Database Backup Using VC++

    The below mysql backup query does not run by ShellExecute,

    ShellExecute(NULL, "open", "C:\\Windows\\cmd.exe", "mysqldump --user root --password= c12345 Databasename > backup.sql", "", SW_SHOW);
  20. Re: Database Backup Using VC++

    I have an doubt, the query was not runs by administrator command prompt.
    Is default _spawnl process runs as administrator mode - command prompt?

    I tried the below codes, not working.

  21. [RESOLVED] Database Backup Using VC++


    I'm using a MySQL database in my project. I like to backup MySQL database when a Backup button clicked.

    I know how to backup MySQL Database via command prompt using MySQL comments. but,...
  22. Re: Set Flag in PropertyPage

    only used break points and watch window to debug my code. don't know, how to use other debugging tools. Today only i used the trace. Its helps me to view the real changes. Thanks and also i will...
  23. Re: Set Flag in PropertyPage

    I can not find where the value was changed. but when i was run the application, the flag = false in page1 and 2, so the left side bitmap indication sets red color and page3 sets only green color but...
  24. Re: Set Flag in PropertyPage

    I like to use the bool variable "flag" in all pages (page 1, page 2, ... page5).
    Its declared as a extern variable and initialize false from wiz.cpp & wiz.h.

    extern bool flag;

  25. Re: Set Flag in PropertyPage

    extern bool flag; - declared in Wiz.h.

    run the application, if the flag = true, the left side bitmap indication sets green color and false sets to red color. That is i mean it by lamp.
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