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    Re: Two Web form errors in aspx.cs file

    return WebConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["MyConnectionString"].ConnectionString;

    [ expects a integer or number value ] a enum contains a integer for each listed item so it can give the...
  2. Re: Compare the equality of objects in 2 images c#

    not sure what is meant by
    the equality of two objects in two images
    when your comparing sets of rectangles in two images
    when the fields are called blob this and that implying irregular shapes
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    Re: Aircraft written in C # Game

    is there a question here ?
  4. Re: Calling unmanaged dll throwing PInvoke exception

    im certainly not experienced with pinvoke usage
    i found a number of similar posts with similar errors maybe the same solution applys
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    Re: Video Card Memory Access

    a long time ago the cpu actually drew to the vga video memory
    this was a part of ram that was blitted to the screen
    this could be done typically in a assembly language call and that could further...
  6. Re: Why delegate can't be defined within a function?

    simple answer because a delegate type needs to be defined at compile time

    you typically follow a tutorial that teaches you the basic's first
    though this isn't a basic delegate tutorial it should...
  7. Re: A question regarding passing a reference

    let me add to the above test
    you will get the same results as what you did but shown via the original ref passed into the method

    to say ...
    this is essentially what is happening in the implicit...
  8. Re: A question regarding passing a reference

    well to be fair
    i really think its hard to find a good tutorial to put it into perspective in a memorable way

    its hard to get your head around this especially if
    you never did c++ and deal...
  9. Re: LINQ query to remove a single value from a set while retaining another value

    well im no expert
    i spent some time attempting to do this using linq but couldn't find a way

    at the end of my efforts i think

    your original solution is better
    if its over a network there...
  10. Re: LINQ query to remove a single value from a set while retaining another value

    i don't do linq really , but i as understand the basic principal
    i keep wanting to but never seem to get around to playing with it
    so anyone can jump in and correct me if im wrong here

    i believe...
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    Re: C# ppt from begining

    1)i got ad block
    2)sorry to say random forum links to downloads i don't trust
    3)drop it on one drive its free or something like it and you can direct link it
    4)im a dinosaur i like cake and plain...
  12. Re: Creating a list of lists in c# on xamarin

    to my understanding xmarin lets you code just like you would with c#

    so to answer id say
    your going to obfusicate your code to your self complicate it
    so your not going to have computer memory...
  13. Re: How to fix error... does not contain a definition ChangePassword


    actually i think he meant to coax you to ask the question you asked
    or if you knew about msdn to take a look as the example is there
    which shows how to use it

    the actual reason your...
  14. Re: How to fix error... does not contain a definition ChangePassword

    he was asking you to google the msdn reference link on that word and using statement

    i.e. search goggle like so " changepassword"
    and look for a msdn search result link.
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    Re: Software for swim coaches

    typically simply do a general google search such as
    " c# Client Server Tutorial "
    " c# Sql tutorial " or whatever type of database you want to set up

    this one caught my eye for simplicity...
  16. Re: Rasterization of bitmaps and vector graphics

    system.drawing.bitmap and .image
    have saveimage methods
    bitmap i believe has other save methods of its own...
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    Re: An Issue with Inheritance

    well these ideas are pretty powerful and highly used
    were these examples are simplifications of the basic ideas
    but you are in fact using interfaces in your basic programing
    cause c# uses its own...
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    Re: An Issue with Inheritance

    cool i mention interfaces cause after you fully understand inheritance is the best time to learn about them

    because it is a continuation of the philosophical questions that come after them
    it is...
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    Re: An Issue with Inheritance

    thank's i hope i feel better too. arrggg

    to show that you can if you desire simply use the original implementation that you defined for animal
    you might make a weird class and not yet wish to...
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    Re: An Issue with Inheritance

    i didn't double check this code so just consider it pesudo code
    im sick atm but since no one replied ill just toss out a basic answer

    you haven't actually defined those methods in the animal...
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    Re: Could Someone answer me this?

    this block of code repeatedly prompts the user for a password
    until he enters the exact word "basic"

    the shown calls indicate a winforms application
    or a application that is using...
  22. Re: C# Console App - Error Check Calculator [Finished]

    well im glad it helps

    your second example is good too
    so basically now you have two examples that do the same thing
    the only difference is the idea or strategy you used for the task
    often as...
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    Re: Understanding instantiation?

    c# takes much from java and c++ object instantiation works like any other language

    this is not perfectly exact but
    perfectly fine to think of it like this in a basic use manner

  24. Re: C# Console App - Error Check Calculator [Finished]

    you dont have to use methods your example is perfectly fine
    these are all just extra tools for you to use when you need them.
    even the idea's themselves are tools, you can look up "c# programing...
  25. Re: C# Console App - Error Check Calculator [Finished]

    remember even main is a method, so your almost always in a method anyways
    anyways there are signs to when your not doing it and you really should typically
    when you feel like some method is too...
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