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  1. Re: no operator ""

    That did it!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  2. Re: no operator ""

    Oh, I do need iostream since I had the file open for input earlier in the program. It was closed before it got opened again.
  3. Re: no operator ""

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll consider doing it but what I really want to know is - why is the operator << being treated differently in one class than it is in the other two classes. It works...
  4. no operator ""

    I'm using the same type of write function for 3 classes. They all use the << operator. The Visual Studio error is giving me this error in my Date class but not in the other classes. I've been...
  5. Re: new linked list error - undeclared identifier

    Nevermind. I think the issue is with Visual Studio. It has been giving me weird errors for these past two days whenever I make a new file. Sometimes I get the COFF error. The old programs seem to...
  6. Re: new linked list error - undeclared identifier

    I thought I had declared it. I also tried this code.

    nodeType<Type> *otherHead;

    and I still get the same error.
  7. new linked list error - undeclared identifier

    I dynamically allocate a new list in the recMergeSort function which should run a constructor but when it get to the functions that use it, I get error C2065: 'otherHead' : undeclared identifier. I...
  8. Re: How to search for an object that has been hashed

    Made some major changes to my code. I've got my searching function rewritten now but it won't find my StateData object. I felt like I've gotten a handle on it but I must be missing something. If...
  9. How to search for an object that has been hashed

    Ran into a logic issue with my hashing program that stores a state object. It's storing the object just fine now but I need to be able to search for it.
    The user enters a state name and I'm...
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    Re: Hashing problem with overloaded operator

    That fixed it! Thank you so much! One more question, maybe I could use the friend function and change the StateData objects to const reference?
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    Hashing problem with overloaded operator

    I've got a hasing template function that is giving me the error '!=' : no operator found which takes a left-hand operand of type 'StateData' (or there is no acceptable conversion). I have a...
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