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  1. Re: CFormivew create casuing Heap Corruption on exit.

    Before I added the pane and frame the program was working without any heap corruption.

    The program as a whole works fine, even with my new pane/form in it. The problem comes when I exit the...
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    Re: acces local variable

    My first question would be why?

    Why don't you just put the local variable, a1 in your example, and put it as a member of the class?

    The problem that you're having is that the variable you want...
  3. CFormivew create casuing Heap Corruption on exit.

    Good Morning,

    I have created a SDI with the Wizard in VS2008 using the MFC libraries and it is preloaded with the 'visual studio' dockable windows. What I am looking to do replace the dockable...
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