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  1. Re: "Undefined Reference to (method name)" When Accessing a Method in a Static Librar

    1- No, it doesn't exist
    2- It's a class
    3- Yes, it is a static method
  2. "Undefined Reference to (method name)" When Accessing a Method in a Static Library

    I've been trying for more than one month to access a method found in a library called libcocosnas_static.a
    I'm using Cocos2d-X version 2.0.4. The library has been used many times by my company to...
  3. Fill Method with a big DB connected through the internet

    Hi everybody,
    I've just switched to VB .NET 2008 from MS Access 2007
    I'm working as an applications developer for a number of companies. I make programs that access big databases through the...
  4. Transpaerency working on production computer only

    Hi everybody,
    I used a background with dark gray regions as transparent regions for my splash screen
    On my development computer, it shows transparent regions, but on all other computers it's opaque...
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