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    Re: #define vs const - where to use #define?

    Ok thanks, and is it good practice to use uppercase names for const ints or only #defines?
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    #define vs const - where to use #define?

    As a newcomer to programming and C++, I wondered what the difference between:

    #define SIZE 10


    const int SIZE=10

    From doing my own research, I understand the differences between the 2...
  3. Re: Actually applying language/skills learned?

    Thanks. I already have Xcode, I registered with Apple some time ago as I'd like to (eventually) get into iPhone app development.

    Any hints on where to go from here? The exam for Intro to...
  4. Actually applying language/skills learned?

    I've wanted to learn programming for years and am finally getting the chance after starting a BSc Computing at Uni (evening class).

    One of the modules I'm just about to finish is "Introduction To...
  5. Re: Stack around the variable '' was corrupted

    Thanks a lot, I actually fixed it myself with the exact change you suggested. I made SIZE = 10, then used a<SIZE instead of <=SIZE in all cases.

    As I'm new to this I'm very keen to learn WHY...
  6. Re: Stack around the variable '' was corrupted

    Ok, actually I see what you're saying, but why does my first program run perfectly? It also has SIZE set to 9, the only difference is the array is global?
  7. Re: Stack around the variable '' was corrupted

    But I'm using 9 because the assignment asks for an array of 10 numbers?

    Also I removed the variable f and the line f = d; from the searchArray() function as they were serving no purpose, but...
  8. Re: Stack around the variable '' was corrupted

    Sorry, should have added I'm using Visual C++ Express 2010 on Windows XP SP3
  9. Stack around the variable '' was corrupted

    I've written some code for a Uni assignment, and it worked perfectly. Basically the task was to declare a global array, then write 4 functions:

    1) enter 10 values and store them in an array
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