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  1. Java TCP/IP NIO: Read a specified chunk of the buffer?

    Hello everyone!

    I'm making a NIO TCP/IP server for my game and i'd love to know how to read a specified amount of data from the stream without removing the rest(Like typical IO, eg....
  2. Replies

    Java NIO multithreaded synchronized problem

    Hello! I'm making a multiclient server in java and and the moment it just echoes back what gets sent to it.

    My problem is that when my worker thread(ProtocolWorker, parses packets and sends data)...
  3. Re: string::size crash outside debugger environment

    Kind of selfspam but

    char formattedParent[256] = "";
    //char *formattedParent = new char[strlen(parent)+2];
    ZeroMemory(formattedParent, strlen(parent)+2);
    cout << "Select1\n";...
  4. Re: string::size crash outside debugger environment

    I think it is related to Ini::Select because when i comment it out i can get the size() but after Ini::Select() string::size wont work! Been trying to solve this for hours now and still no solution. ...
  5. string::size crash outside debugger environment

    Hello! As the title says when i run my code the program crashes if not running in it through Microsoft Visual C++.

    When i try to run the file normally(double-click) it prints my debugmessages up...
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