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  1. Re: How to use Visual Studio 2010 to compile dos programs?

    For 16bit DOS you will need either an old compiler, or you will need a version of GCC that's capable of doing so (not sure if there are any).
    If GCC doesn't provide it, finding a C++11 compatible...
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    Re: How to do clone in vc++?

    But it does.
    Java and C# do not offer you the means to create classes WITHOUT them being of the "top class".

    While the C++ language doesn't even introduce the basic top class to begin with (it...
  3. Re: Switch git to a new upstream branch (without losing my local changes)

    if the fork joins back into master at some point, you can then use those changes normally.

    if not, you'll either have to manually merge the forked changes into your local (making them non...
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    Re: How to do clone in vc++?

    C++ is not managed so there isn't a concept of a "generic base object" like there is in C#

    So if you have a need for a "clone" feature...
    1) you have too implement this yourself
    2) you have to...
  5. Re: Java "volatile" alternative in C++ under Windows?

    It goes a bit beyond just semantics. ANY function call will cause a gating except when the compiler "knows" the function can't touch the variable.

    Yes, it is. :)

    And for C++11 the manual...
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    Re: trying to stop a loop using a button

    You forgot rule 3.
    If you are 100% sure you need to block the UI thread, bang your head against the wall 3 times, while saying out loud rules 1 and 2.
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    Re: New Student Help

    This is part of why globals are bad.

    IN this particular case, you're confusing the students. This isn't a normal question a sane person would ask.
    THis is a convoluted trickery and for that...
  8. Re: How to determine size of an allocated buffer

    true, but.
    Maybe that the compiler he uses but still wants a portable solution
    Maybe he doesn't use VC and just posted it here because none of the other subforums looked better to him.

    And even...
  9. Re: Any good utilities to translate resource files into different languages?

    use "google translate" or "bing translate" for free.
    both provide their translation service through a webservice interface.

    Expect any and all computer based translations to be "flaky" even...
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    Re: partitioning USB Falsh drive

    As I already indicated in your other post. Does your flash drive behave as an actual harddisk/SSD or does it behave as a memory stick or as a memory stick (a block device)
    memorysticks can't be...
  11. Re: Java "volatile" alternative in C++ under Windows?

    No they don't. or tather, the sync primitives don't do this in and by themselves.

    Rather, the C++ language definition will take care of creating a read/write gate because it needs to "resolve all...
  12. Re: Is it a bad practice not to use #define UNICODE when creating a Unicode applicati

    the benefit of the macro's is that you can switch between ansi and unicode build.

    if you ONLY care about a unicode binary... you don't have to use the _T() macro for all strings, you don't have to...
  13. Re: What are lambda functions in C++ and what are they good for?

    depending on your background:

    * if you have an OO background:
    lambda's are syntactic candy around function objects, they allow you to easily create function objects without all the hassle of...
  14. Re: How new/delete stores the internal info about the allocated buffer?

    Or alternatively, that may actually be the way you do get at it.

    install your own global new/delete operators and do any sort of allocation tracking you want from there.
  15. Re: How new/delete stores the internal info about the allocated buffer?

    "there is no portable way to do so".

    going into specific compilers there are ways by which you can get free store information or even go lower level and get OS heap management information.
  16. Re: How to determine size of an allocated buffer

    short answer there is no portable way to do so.
    There are ways if you want to go into specific compilers like the _msize() trick which will work in so far as the memory allocator isn't being...
  17. Re: How to determine if a buffer is freed or not

    While unique_ptr will work since it has support for array-delete. it's worth mentioning that shared_ptr does not and should thus not be used for arrays. There was talks about adding this to C++14 but...
  18. Re: Byte Array to double Conversion

    This is not what happens, no copying of the binary value occurs.
    the naming is much more in line of what happens.

    you have a pointer to a long long (and that pointer is being (re)interpreted as...
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    Re: What direction to go

    don't worry too much about about efficiency in your first few programs. as a beginner you are lacking some elementary 'project management' skills that I've not really seen taught in any book.
  20. Re: Passing NULL to FindResource() might not work?

    well yes, it'll fail if you pass NULL if the resource you're looking for is not located in the module that created the process.
  21. Re: Passing NULL to FindResource() might not work?

    I don't see anything wrong there. And the docs are clear enough imo.

    if you pass NULL, only the module used to create the process (usually the launched .exe) is searched.
    so it could fail if the...
  22. Re: Reduction of the flash footprint

    If you're doing the change to a diff CPU "anyway" or for reasons unrelated to the flash size memory issue you have now, then "ok", by all means benefit from the upgrade.

    If the issues are what...
  23. Re: What is the code I use to generate these patterns?

    There's more than one way to achieve this...
    As said above, hardcode the strings. This, btw, is very flexible, change the strings to change the pattern ;-) It's a much more flexible and visble...
  24. Re: Code generated by pre build event in visual studio

    hmm, right those don't have output.

    1) use a project wide custom build step instead of a pre-build step
    2) the better approach is to add the "source" files that are used to generate the output to...
  25. Thread: Tvm_getitem

    by OReubens

    Re: Tvm_getitem

    If from TVN_SELCHANGED or TVN_SELCHANGING, you shouldn't query the selection, rather, you should use the itemNew from the NMTREEVIEW that gets passed as part of the TVN_SELCHANGED/TVN_SELCHANGING.
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