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    SQL Query Early Validation

    Hi GUys,

    Does DOT NET framework (ADO.NET) provides a way for Early SQL validation? i.e. when we write the SQL in code usinlg ASQL command object or by any other means, it should perform syntactic...
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    Re: So what IS AJAX?

    Have u ever tried Remote Scripting (another name for AJAX) on classic ASP 6 model?

    I somehow feel that its fast there.....
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    Re: So what IS AJAX?

    But still I wonder if AJAX runs on win98\ older version 2k (non Dotnet) PCs?

    One of my server is like that, it simply rejects AJAX calls.
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    Re: So what IS AJAX?

    dmeikle, Atlas Setup that you have donwloaded clearly states it is Beta version.

    It does not run on my home PC but its does on my office PC.

    To solve the problem once in for all I downloaded...
  5. Published Ajax Website Accessed from other PCs on the Intarnet

    Hi Guys,

    I have ajax web application that is made in ASP.NET 2005 with latest AJAXPro dll.

    It loads a page with a Client Side Apply Button and a Textfield. When Apply button is clicked it...
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    UPDATE on Self referenced Table

    Hi Guys,

    I use MS-SQL SERVER 2005. Where I have 2 tables .... OZIM_LOCATION & TEST_LOCATION

    Their Structure is ...

    OZIM_LOCATION(LOC_ID varchar(50), NEIGHBOR_LOC_ID Self Foreign Key of...
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    Re: Session Vs Cookies and Back Button

    Thx :-)
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    Session Vs Cookies and Back Button

    Hi Guys,

    What is the advantage of using Session over cookies and vice versa...?

    Also I have question IE browser's back Button

    When we click this back button, is the previous page not...
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    Re: So what IS AJAX?

    AJAX in Microsoft developing Environment is called as Remote Scripting.

    MS-VISUAL STUDIO 6 had good AJAX support. I developed a web based chat client that would automatically receive Chat Messages...
  10. Re: Inheriting Classes from another VB.NET project(s)

    Oh my god! :eek:

    I have been going thru the same UIs for a week now, but never tried adding PROJECT Vehicle reference into generic references of Car.

    I would access the projects tab of Car...
  11. Re: Inheriting Classes from another VB.NET project(s)

    Hi Craig,

    I tried referring it by NameSpace but no use.

    Can you please have a look at my code and help me .... Its a Zipped copy named with 2 folders in it ... one is...
  12. Re: Inheriting Classes from another VB.NET project(s)

    Thx Craig. But I have already done that

    Which reference r u talking about?

    I had a project Vehicle with a VB class Vehicle (that has 2 functions defined in it).

    I have another project Car...
  13. Inheriting Classes from another VB.NET project(s)

    Hi experts

    I am VERY new to DOTNET so pardon my knowledge.

    Can we inherit classes from other VB Projects in DOTNET?

    Because I have a VB DOT NET Source Code Project and I need to implement...
  14. Thanks the problem is solved. Just a Small Query


    My application is alive and running. Thanks for ur Help.

    But I need to do a small thing that when Shell ("net send ......... ") returns code (on success or failure) the codes are not...
  15. Problem Continued ............

    Sorry that I missed main problem in this solution ..........

    Shell "net view /Domain:JKNGR" shows me all computers with their names lying in domain JKNGR but ......................... How am i...
  16. Thanks. But new query .........


    Thanks for ur immediate reply. This will solve my problem. But is there a CONTROL that can automatically do this? We had seen browse option in windows with this capapcity to show Network PCs....
  17. Visual Basic List View Control to View Network Computers


    I am working on simple network connect utility and ready with the functinality. But I am stuck at a very important aspect of the GUI where I need a List View Control that will view the...
  18. Storing Queries From Visual Basic to MS ACCESS


    I m a beginner to VB. I m usin Visual Basic 6.0 envmnt and trying to store SQL Access Queries & not usin VBA atal.

    I used Access.Application CONNECTION (ACCESS 9.0 ActiveX Object ), but...
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    Thanks it worked. But new problem.

    Hi ,

    retcode = SQLDriverConnect(hDBC, NULL, (SQLTCHAR*) "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb);}DBQ=D:\\MyFolder\\MyDatabase.mdb", SQL_NTS, (SQLTCHAR*) szOutConn, cbConnOutMax, cbOutConn,...
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    Linking Errors in VC++

    I have a database application thru SQL MFC that uses vectors and it is done in VC++ (its a Win32 Application and an empty project having only one source CPP File called MyCPPFile.CPP)

    The headers...
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