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  1. Re: Why my qyery return allways same values except date into database?


    string tekstKomande = "insert into Tomislav (korisnik_id, dogadjaj_id, Datum) values('" + (comboBox1.Items[rand.Next(comboBox1.Items.Count)] as ComboBoxItem).Value.ToString() + "','" +...
  2. Why my qyery return allways same values except date into database?

    32983I notice that allways user(Korisnik) and event(Dogadjaj) put the same, only date(Datum) is random? Why that?
    This is query

    string tekstKomande = "insert into Tomislav (korisnik_id,...
  3. Re: Cannot implicitly convert type 'void' to 'string'


    private void MultiplicationTable(int input)
    doesn't return anything (void) but your code tries to get a string as result.
    SOlution is simply, if you just look better:

    Instead of using
  4. filterng 2 textBOxes and 2 dataPickers together?


    i have a little problem, i want to filtering by user, event(from textBoxes) and from range of dates(2 dateTimePickers).
    I write code, that work alone, but how to bind together? If...
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    Re: matlab program

    I have this little game

    % minimalistic rock, paper, scissors game
    % W. Schleter July 28, 2003
    clear all; close all; clc;

    irock = 1; ipaper = 2; iscissors = 3;
    iwin = 1; itie = 2; ilose =...
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    matlab program

    Can we make some program in matlab like this?

    URL Download Link disabled......
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