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    Re: Printing in C++ Win32

    Hi Snoopy07
    With the additions I made to yor code it prints 3 posts of result.
    It gave me a clue as to develop my own calculator. Thanks!


    case 10:

    ShowWindow(hwndButton3, SW_HIDE);...
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    Re: How do I set up a modeless dialog box

    Hi The Brtl!

    Your code for a modeless dialog box works quite well with Dev c++
    after I added the linker 'libcomctl32.a' in the parameter linker box in the project options.

    Hope this...
  3. Re: Vending Machine Simulation Successfully Executed, but Logic Errors?

    HI, I have tried out your vending machine simulation, but I had to tweak a little. I'm not very experienced at C++ programming and use a DevC++ compiler. I made following small changes
    to the...
  4. Re: Help Please: Comparing loans w/ various interest rates

    Hi, I hope this code will help you compare loans vs interest rates.

    #include <iostream>
    #include <cmath>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    double Principal; // original principal
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    Re: Allegro - C++ - Conway's game of life

    Hi Ninetailsgangster,

    I tried your code with the Devshed c++ compiler and it worked very well. When I compiled and ran it, I got either a green or orange rectangle.
    However, I made a small change...
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