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  1. Launching Simple SSRS report in ASP.NET

    The report has a self-contained data source and uses a query. For now I won't be passing any parameters although I could in the future. It's an RDL file. No stored procedures involved.

    Step by...
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    Deploying ASMX file to IIS 6

    Once I have a working ASMX file that goes with an application, but want to move out of Visual Studio to IIS (Windows 2003 / IIS 6), how do I get the ASMX to run on the server?

    Please be detailed...
  3. Scalability testing web services / sql server / asp application. Approaches?

    In a generalist sense, what would I do to determine the degree that an application can scale (other than get a large number of people to use it at once)?
  4. need master page links to show logged in state

    we are using sessions and web services to log in and out.

    we are using the default master page which comes with visual studio 2012 if you go to create a 'web forms c# project' rather than an empty...
  5. Added System.Web.MVC DLL - but 'addmodelerror' function not available


    I am not experienced in MVC and have just created a regular web application to create a web project for an existing web page which we inherited and are 'reverse engineering.'

  6. Obselete Code Inherited (reverse engineering? having two dlls the same name in the sa

    we've inherited a c# application that has code behinds and dlls that are obselete. The dlls however have the same versioning as the version without the code behinds, which is up to date. What is...
  7. roles and permisssions with active directory

    Are there any good tutorials for someone who is looking to add permissions to an existing website?

    Using the Request.ServerVariables["AUTH_USER"] variable, I can see who is logged in now. But I...
  8. Re: Recommended ASP Training Material (if you already understand Visual Studio, PHP)

    Also, if I must chose between Visual Basic and C#, the choice is C#.
  9. Recommended ASP Training Material (if you already understand Visual Studio, PHP)

    I already am familiar with visual studio and understand PHP. However I have never used ASP and am looking to select training material.

    Any recommendations?
  10. Javascript (specifically JS) - Changing the width of a single table column (syntax)

    Hey I am in a situation involving col and colgroups. I believe I have located the table in javascript but am unable to set a particular column's width. i can't find the right syntax.

    for( var i...
  11. What software do you recommend for youtube videos on a budget?

    I seek the advice here.

    What would you advise I make flashy youtube videos with?
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    Re: Unix Parsing and grouping with AWK

    to clarify

    If a file had
    tom, 223-2222-4444, randomfield
    ivan, 123-2422-4444, random filed

    How would you group by the social security while parsing the (comma delimited) fields using awk?
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    Unix Parsing and grouping with AWK

    When parsing multiple fields in a csv file using AWK, how do you group by one of the fields and

    parse by delimiters?
  14. Unix Wildcards - need a good explanation

    What do ^, ., (), \$ and $ (without slash) do as wild cards?

    For example, Which of these merely specify that a word is contained within a bigger line?
  15. Re: filestream reads bytes - how to read chars?

    data_miser, it worked!
  16. filestream reads bytes - how to read chars?

    I have successfully gotten the filestream function to read a text file and return bytes. I want it to return letters, not bytes, using random access.

    Any suggestions?
  17. Streamreader - is it possible to switch files?

    Is there anyway to take a static stream reader, and switch it to another text file based on the user changing the file? I can't find the method to do it.
  18. Re: Listbox won't display anything in owner draw mode

    Compatibility reasons and I fiscal reasons.
  19. Listbox won't display anything in owner draw mode

    I have a listbox which works perfectly fine in regular mode. I'm experimenting with the other modes which allow you to switch font.

    As soon as I go to ownerdraw mode, either variable or fixed, it...
  20. How to return a result from a drop down listbox in HTMl?


    Creating the box is easy enough.

    <select><option> etc. etc. etc.

    If you create the list box in a form, how do you return a result when someone clicks submit.

    I'm already using PHP...
  21. Visualizing How Game Development Would Take Place

    Visualizing How Game Development Would Take Place

    I think a good game development team would require four different roles for the typical game. The Project Manager, Game Engine Desginer, Graphics...
  22. Re: Best Free Compiler for Allegro Game Library?

    Well I posted in but if there is a better place you or another mod would be welcome to move it there, and probably end up helping me get more replies.

    Thank you for the reply.
  23. Best Free Compiler for Allegro Game Library?

    I tried "Dev C++" and it failed every time I attempted to load an example. To be honest I can't get it to do much of anything.

    Does anyone know a free version of C++ that happens to be more...
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    A successful removing of service, however, it still looks to uninstall when I reinstall, and it still won't do it.
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    I am running XP.

    I had the service off. Now I deleted registry entries and deleted files, and service won't start, but it still won't uninstall.

    I used advance unistaller to remove it, but when...
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