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  1. Re: Math Fromula y=x2+6x+5 how to convert to Java Programming code


    If you're interested in learning Java, I'd recommend TheNewBoston's tutorials (probably the best on YouTube), he covers variables, such as integers (whole numbers) in the fourth video, I...
  2. Re: Best complete C++ tutorial series on YouTube?

    Thank you for every reply, they've all been of some help. I'm going to work my way through TheNewBoston's series, then purchase a C++ Game Programming book, and maybe work my way through the...
  3. Best complete C++ tutorial series on YouTube?

    I'm looking into writing games, and I thought I'd start learning C++, now don't assume I'm wanting to write games next week as you'd be wrong, I talking in one, two or three years when I'm fluent in...
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