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    It depends on what you are doing...

    I have applications that store very large amounts of data in VB6 in memory at one time...and very rarely have out of memory issues.

    Where there are problems is when loading controls with data...
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    :( Running out of ideas...

    Your lpxPos and lpyPos variables should be fine...they are being passed by Reference and thus by the address of the variable.

    The only thing I can think of is that your Terminal custom control is...
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    Can I see how you are declaring the external function?

    Can you please include how you are referencing the function in the DLL in your project? For example:

    Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "User" (ByVal hWnd As Integer, ByVal
    wMsg As...
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    Can you post the snipet of code where you are...

    Can you post the snipet of code where you are calling the DLL? Is this a custom DLL or are you using a system DLL?
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    Just remember that controls are actually windows...

    You should be able to pass the hWnd for the control as the handle. These are properties that are available from the controls themselves. Using the hWnd property, you can make DLL calls such as...
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    An even more simple version....

    Actually, you can do this with 15 lines of code and process only one line at a time to eliminate any memory concerns. I've added comments to explain it as it goes.

    Dim InputFileNum As...
  7. Thank you for the only problem with that...

    Thank you for the only problem with that is how do I get the directory heirarchy to populate those controls , complete with the folder type to know which icons to use? (for example floppy,...
  8. Need to recreate the directory tree from Windows Explorer...

    In several applications, we need to be able to provide the ability to browse through the network as well as the local machines. In the past, we have relied on the Windows Common Control or...
  9. I never knew about the vbaccelerator site...very...

    I never knew about the vbaccelerator site...very useful info there! Thanks! :)
  10. Thank you for the link. I am not looking for a...

    Thank you for the link. I am not looking for a data-bound grid, so I'm evaluating their VS FlexGrid product instead. The DataGrid was not what I was looking for in a hierarchial view.

  11. Looking for a full-featured Grid control...

    I'm looking to include a grid control that has features similar to the email view in Microsoft Outlook. We have customized the Grid and FlexGrid control in previous applications to meet these needs,...
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    CTreeCtrl display problems

    I am having problems with my CTreeCtrl that is displayed in a FormView. I am using the +/- buttons to allow expansion/colapse of the tree branches. It is used with a tab control and other controls,...
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