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    Selection issue with CListCtrl

    I have a ListCtrl on my dailog. It has a report view. In my case I have selected first row with left click of mouse and entire row is displayed in blue color as selection (as per expected) and...
  2. Re: Problem while implementing tool tip in listctrl of report type.

    "Did you try to use LVS_EX_INFOTIP ext. style and handle LVN_GETINFOTIP notification"

    No I have not implemented these. can you please provide any sample code/link for using these.

    Thanks in...
  3. Problem while implementing tool tip in listctrl of report type.

    Below is my Code Code snippet wher I am facing problem.

    every time "pNMHDR->idFrom" is returning 0.

    I even put "EnableToolTips(TRUE);" in the oninitdialog method of dialog class.
  4. Problem in merging the source code of two VC++ projects


    I am working on VS2008. I have two saperate projects which have almost same functionality along with same file names but few are different. So I decided to use the same .cpp and .h files for...
  5. Creating a VC++ Code analyser tool for my project


    I am creating an application which will work as a static code analyzer after compiling my code in VS 2008 for VC++ projects. It will be a kind of code review.
    Can anyone please guide me how...
  6. Re: Windows 7 Windows Explorer doesn't get refreshed

    My burn operation is completed, and the media is ejected. still I am unable to delete the source folder untill I do not exit the application.
  7. Windows 7 Windows Explorer doesn't get refreshed

    Hi All,

    I have created an application to burn my data files into DVD. The problem which I am facing is as follows:

    Suppose I have a folder "Doc_Files" present inside "D:\Data\" location for...
  8. Re: Closing a MFC application from command prompt

    Thanks To all for your valuable inputs. Well I found this following command which is shutting down my application gracefully from command prompt in Windows 7.

    TASKKILL /IM TestApp.exe /T

  9. Closing a MFC application from command prompt


    I have created a MFC dialog based application. Now I want to implement such a functionailty that I will be closing my application through command prompt.
    And while closing of my application...
  10. Re: Problem with horizontal scroll bar of CListCtrl

    Actually what the problem is when ever I am moving my horizontal scroll bar with my mouse its working file but at any point of time when ever I leave the mouse click the bar is not getting fixed at...
  11. Re: Problem with horizontal scroll bar of CListCtrl

    Hi VictorN,

    No I Didnt clicked anywhere, I am just sliding my scrollbar to and fro. Is it some kind of paint issue? I am not able to identify the problem.
  12. Problem with horizontal scroll bar of CListCtrl


    I have a dialog in my allication and I am creating a list control at run time to it.
    The list control (with report view) have 7 columns, and due to this I am having Horizontal scroll bar...
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    Re: Conversion of ASCII to Hex

    Thanks for the help to both of you. That solved my problem..

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    Re: Conversion of ASCII to Hex

    Thanks VictorN,

    This I understood but my purpose of doing this is actually I have to create a normal txt file and write the hex values of that string to that file.
    Say suppose my CString data...
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    Conversion of ASCII to Hex

    I am writing a dummy code please help with the solution

    CString csName = “ABCD”
    BYTE *byt = new BYTE[6];

    Now the first question is I want to insert this string into the array with its hex...
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    Problem regarding 2D array

    Hi all,

    I am facing a problem related to a 2D char array.

    char cArr[3][MAX_PATH] = {"abcd","efgh","ijklmno"} // Note: values inside the array are filled at run time, therefore it can be...
  17. Regarding getting 2 CPUs Machine Ids(Vendor ID)

    Hi All,

    I am making a C++ application to get the CPU information (i.e. Vendor ID, Brand name, etc.)
    I am able to fetch the information of single CPU using CPUID instruction sets.

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    Re: problem with IOCTL_DISK_SET_DRIVE_LAYOUT

    Yes It does during reboot. But I dont want to get the PC reboot.
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    Re: ComboBox silly question

    int nLast = pmyComboBox->GetCount() - 1;
    if (nLast >= 0)

    this will point to the last Item of your combo box always by default.
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    Re: Problem regarding ReadFile()

    Thanks for the reply, but the location which I am reading is not the part of any file system. I have taken the handle of disk right from its beginning. Its not the part of any partition, so there no...
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    Problem regarding ReadFile()

    Hi All,

    Here I am facing a problem which was unexpected. Here I am adding a piece of code for describing the problem.

    HANDLE hd =...
  22. Re: Issue regarding malloc and free in C++

    Thanks for the reply and I already applied in my demo code, and it worked. Though It might not destroyed the object, but It didnt shown me any error.

    So there must be any specific reason to avoid...
  23. Issue regarding new and free in C++

    Hi All,
    I am having a confusion in my mind (it is more or less conceptual) that if I am allocating a memory to any object by using "new". and later deallocating that by using "free" what problem...
  24. Re: Some confusion regarding virtual funtion in C++

    Thanks monarch_dodra for the reply but sorry I dint get your meaning, can you explain in a bit easier way, I am just the beginner and this question was asked to me in an interview, and I was unable...
  25. Re: Some confusion regarding virtual funtion in C++

    Thanks dear,

    That means the size of 4 is the size of _vptr not of the vTable? If I say suppose declared a variable in the derived class then the size comes to 8 bytes.

    class BaseClass{...
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