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  1. Re: Will MFC be made a better neighbour?


    We are absolutely committed to making sure that MFC is good neighbor with PSDK and VC compiler and even with WinForms. However in any change to its implementation we have to consider impact on...
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    Steve and I often talk about this. Actually not just us, but overall it is often topic of discussion inside VC when future of programming model for VC++ developer is discussed. Several last product...
  3. Re: Orcas and wrapping native Vista APIs

    Hi Ted,

    We have done in depth review of all new Vista APIs and discussed possible wrappers. We were looking on adding classes to ATL that can be used in MFC , similar to CStringT. We grouped them...
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    Both Windows forms and WPF are frameworks that have slightly different goals embedded in their design than MFC. They are not designed to dictate internal architecture of the application and heavily...
  5. Re: Event Handler Wizard desperately needs redesign

    Yes, I agree it is know issue for long period of time. And this is why it is important to log similar suggestions. Even I do not see us addressing this particular suggestion in the next release...
  6. Re: Event Handler Wizard desperately needs redesign


    These all are great suggestions. I agree with you this dialog have space for improvements. Please file this as a suggestion on

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