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    Re: Where to put my connection string?

    Well i asked on a different forum. One guy said don't use a static method. I was also told that this was fine just remove the method parameter.
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    Where to put my connection string?

    I'm working with C# 2010. I placed my connection string into a Web.config file. The references all seem to be working. In trying to pass the connection string to my methods in the DataAccess tier....
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    Using Telerik RadListBox control

    How do i retrieve the selected value from the Listbox control. I can select the index but I can't retrieve that value.

    label1.Content = radListBox1.SelectedIndex;

  4. Re: Trouble using App.Config ConnectionString (String works don't understand code)

    OK I think I've figured out how to retrieve the ConnectionString. I'm testing it now.

    public static string str = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["ConnectionString"].ConnectionString;
  5. Trouble using App.Config ConnectionString (String works don't understand code)

    I'm using VS2010 on XP.

    Below is the app.config file i'm trying to use. I don't understand the part about the connection string. I have two calls to the database that uses this same connection...
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    Re: C# 2010 Email Line Feed problems

    thanks! I figured it out!
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    C# 2010 Email Line Feed problems

    I've tried using "\r\n", "\n" and Environment.NewLine but all my results are the same when the email is sent. Basically i don't get any line feeds except after the first line. Everything else is...
  8. Understanding Processes and AppDomains

    I'm just trying to get a bit more understanding about what seems to be to me a contradiction in the C# Pro book i bought.

    The book says

    It appears to me from these statements that a process...
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