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  1. Re: Application has stopped working error - program randomly hangs

    make sure you are flushing and closing a reading or writing stream
    if you are not wrapping the file writing operation with a using statement
    or setting flags to write and read from to individually...
  2. Re: Algorithm to draw n pointed star where n >=5

    in this case you are actually looking to exclude a line
    e.g. visually it is the anti pattern of any two points next to each other
    that you will find and exclude all other points can be drawn
  3. Re: Complete Beginner of C++ Graphics Programming(Help in simple checker game)

    i was half asleep waiting on a download , when i wrote that out,
    i should have waited ackk... let me clear it up
    consider the code at the bottom pesudo code if you don't have a vector2...
  4. Re: Where to declare array so it isn't recreated every time Save is pushed

    Edit: correction
    i just realized i answered this question wrong misreading what he was asking

    ArrayList myList;
    public MainWindow()
    // this should work or preferably...
  5. Re: Trying to get a foreach loop working with CSV file

    you can assign the variable in the for loop for(int row =0 ;...;...){...ect....
    you can also simply write row < csv.NumRows to say instead of <= length -1 just write < length
    this line here...
  6. Re: Implicit Conversion Operators and Value Types

    well i liked the article

    in general the whole point of the article could have been sumed up to
    rule of thumb
    don't use implicit operators on references
    use explicit operators or conversion...
  7. Re: Integral constant is too large (CS1021) - How to put 1000 integers in an array?

    your error
    occuring because a int's max value is 10 digits
    a ulong can take about 20...
  8. Re: Should a type for working with fractions be a class or a struct?

    ok so i thought this was a interesting point
    i was looking for a way to get around this concern reasonably
    however after reading this old post from 5 years back
    which addresses nearly all the...
  9. Re: Total novice on SharpDevelop: how to build a uni-dimensional table/list of number

    for reference dot net perls is a nice site
    all about arrays
  10. Re: Complete Beginner of C++ Graphics Programming(Help in simple checker game)
    is were i would start for simple tutorials and questions
    its a dedicated game dev site and forum, its been around for a long time

    though more...
  11. Re: Storing multiple function calls in an array

    what exactly are you trying to build do here...?
    you realize that subInput.Length is actually the number of characters in the string itself
    not a actual value so that if

    subInput = "99"; ...
  12. Re: Should a type for working with fractions be a class or a struct?

    i would much more lean towards struct since its math focused
    it is by its own definition dealing with values "fractions"
    alternatively static class or public sealed class / static methods

  13. Re: Is there any way to derive from C# string, int , long etc?

    you would never want to do this because it can cause real problems later down the road
    unless, you had a very very good reason too.
    in that case
    there is probably a better way to do what you want...
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    Re: Collection Item Question

    i would ask that you clarify the question more specifically?
    just asking one individual specific question well spoken, is far better than,
    trying to squeeze in a whole set of problem's...
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    Re: Best way to understand a new library

    if the library is using the a older version then .net 4.5
    you can probably still use the CLR profiler from microsoft
    which is standalone to get a better picture of whats going on...
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    Re: Need help with project direction

    i think this is a great idea ...
    im not sure about legal stuff involved in anything but educational purposes

    you should add run command prompt tools or auto script instructions like
  17. Re: ... is a variable but used like a method

    something is obviously wrong with this line of code cause ToString() should look like that not ToString

    i don't think a Ordinal would belong in a indexer but without seeing more code i dunno
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    Re: Two Web form errors in aspx.cs file

    return WebConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["MyConnectionString"].ConnectionString;

    [ expects a integer or number value ] a enum contains a integer for each listed item so it can give the...
  19. Re: Compare the equality of objects in 2 images c#

    not sure what is meant by
    the equality of two objects in two images
    when your comparing sets of rectangles in two images
    when the fields are called blob this and that implying irregular shapes
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    Re: Aircraft written in C # Game

    is there a question here ?
  21. Re: Calling unmanaged dll throwing PInvoke exception

    im certainly not experienced with pinvoke usage
    i found a number of similar posts with similar errors maybe the same solution applys
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    Re: Video Card Memory Access

    a long time ago the cpu actually drew to the vga video memory
    this was a part of ram that was blitted to the screen
    this could be done typically in a assembly language call and that could further...
  23. Re: Why delegate can't be defined within a function?

    simple answer because a delegate type needs to be defined at compile time

    you typically follow a tutorial that teaches you the basic's first
    though this isn't a basic delegate tutorial it should...
  24. Re: A question regarding passing a reference

    let me add to the above test
    you will get the same results as what you did but shown via the original ref passed into the method

    to say ...
    this is essentially what is happening in the implicit...
  25. Re: A question regarding passing a reference

    well to be fair
    i really think its hard to find a good tutorial to put it into perspective in a memorable way

    its hard to get your head around this especially if
    you never did c++ and deal...
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