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    Re: One Of Numeric Parameter?

    If you have a string parameter named MyParameter, you can enter a comma separated list of numbers. Since the parameter is a string, you must convert your numeric field values to text to make the...
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    Re: two report design in the same page

    One suggestion is to, create two separate reports that return the results you show in each of the two grids. Then create a report to serve as a container that is formatted to use 2 columns. insert...
  3. Thread: Date Range

    by Ned Pepper

    Re: Date Range

    You can use the recordnumber function to increment the date by 1 for each record returned, using something like

    {?ADATEPARAMETER} + recordnumber.

    This will only work if are displaying all...
  4. Re: Highlighting a date field within the next 5 days of that date.

    This isn't a Crystal issue, it is a date math issue. Your formula will highlight in purple any date the is greater than current date + 5 days, so Christmas 2099 would be highlighted.
    What you say...
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    Re: Crystal Report Division by zero error

    The values you are seeing are not related to the testing for a null and/or zero divisor. That test simply allows the division to take place. You will need to examine your data, and your...
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    Re: Crystal Report Division by zero error

    I suggest your testing on the divisors does not cover all possible values. In your first example you test for a null divisor, but not a zero value divisor. In the next 2 examples you test...
  7. Re: Display barcode as image within Crystal Report

    If possible, i suggest you do not store images of barcodes as images take up a lot of space and bandwidth. Instead, use the free Code 3 of 9 barcode font, and simply store the data you wish to...
  8. Re: Need Crystal Reports help - exception reporting

    Depending on the number of records in your table, Crystal may not be the best tool to use for this application. Under normal conditions, Crystal reads records in a continuous block, allowing you to...
  9. Re: New page after subreport finish printing

    It depends on where in your report you have placed the sub-reports. Assuming you placed the sub-reports in the details section, right click on details section in the gray area to the left of the...
  10. Re: Sort Group According to selection of group in crystal reports

    Not sure what your desired output is. The Group Sort Order formula will change the order of the data in the group, it will NOT change which data is selected to be grouped. In general, you need to...
  11. Re: Details Section format, paylip-like report. landscape division

    Try using the Format with Mutlipe Columns option. Access the section expert for the details sections (multiple columns are not available on headers and footers). Once you check the multiple columns...
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    Re: MySQL beginner's questions

    If you wish to "insert" a value into one field of a row that is already in your table, this would be an UPDATE not an INSERT. INSERT adds an entire new row to a table. I strongly recommend you take...
  13. Re: Help in validating input parameter before query execution.

    In most cases, Crystal must execute a query in order to do anything else, but you do have some control over when the query is executed (see Evaluation Time Functions in the Help). You can try using...
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    Re: formula error

    Maybe this will point you in the right direction. "if other items ordered by a customer do not have a discount, the "net extended" field is blank". This indicates your issue has to do with NULL...
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    Re: Value does not exceed

    You are not providing enough information to work with. In general you can create a formula that provides a distinct count using the build in summary function DistinctCount.
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    Re: TEXTS in Crystal Report Formula

    You have 2 problems with this formula.
    1. Remove all the "AND" from you nested IF statement. Should be if-then-else-if , not if-then-AND-else-if
    2. Your final else returns a number while all the...
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    Re: whileprinting

    There are a few limits to CR, one is evaluation time. Not trying to overstate the obvious but you can't read a record before you read the record. Sometimes you can use multiple sub-reports, i.e....
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    Re: Any body ever answers in this forum??

    Sometimes I reply to questions
  19. Re: Report print many pages as the line details

    Check the Section Expert (format section) to see if New Page Before or New Page After is selected in any section of main or sub-report
  20. Re: Group Selection Formula, Filtering Records: Crystal Reports 8.5

    The answer is in the "The Formula Must be Evaluated Later" message. Your group is based on the Currhold.CUSIP field. You cannot use aggregations based on this field to filter the group becuase you...
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    Re: Creating an initial unbound report

    I have experienced a similar issue, and I just use text files as the data source. You can create a text file (CSV) with column heading fieldA, fieldB, etc, and have data in the columns similiar to...
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    Re: Help to design MySQL database structure

    Dr. Codd would turn over in his grave if you choose #2.
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    Re: Group by question

    you will need a sub report that accepts as a parameter the ID of the longest call.
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    Re: Crystal Report problem

    I think the best answer is to insert additional page and report footers sections into your report. You can then have the entire sections suppressed based on your parameter. Keep in mind that the...
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    Re: Font problem

    You did not mention the version of Crystal Reports you are using.

    This may not be a Crystal Reports issue. In general, The use of fonts is controlled by the printer driver of the printer you...
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