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    Re: Save variable into array position?

    Hey LoopString,

    The problem with your code is that you have simply declared the Array, but haven't allocated any memory location to it. Because of that when you are initializing a new Array...
  2. Re: Help needed for " Not in GZIP format"

    Thanks for responding guys...

    It eventually turned out to be the issue with the tar.gz file.

    See details cross posted here

    Thanks much,
  3. Re: Help needed for " Not in GZIP format"

    Thanks themoffster for responding.

    Yes the file is a valid file which has been downloaded from internet. just to make you more clear that, it's not just this particular file, I have tried using...
  4. Help needed for " Not in GZIP format"

    Hi Everyone,

    I am facing some issues with GZIPInputStream. I am trying to connect a FileInputStream thru it, but some weird exception is coming my way... Posting the code below,

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    Re: Error Page in JSP Having Problems.

    Attaching eclipse structure...
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    Error Page in JSP Having Problems.

    Hi all,

    I am having some issues with error pages in JSP.

    I am trying to display one simple error image when my JSP is having any kind of error, letís say when it throws any exception. Here...
  7. Re: "java -version" doesn't display proper value.

    It was in fact the environment variable setting issue. I used the "Which" tool provided by Keang and got the result that the first invoked java.exe was from "C:\WINDOWS\system32\java.exe".

    As I...
  8. Re: "java -version" doesn't display proper value.

    @ Martin O: I have always restarted my command prompt after setting the path. So that canít be the issue.

    @ ProgramThis: I donít have any environment variable called CLASSPATH, but I have PATH...
  9. "java -version" doesn't display proper value.


    I am new to java and facing a strange problem regarding java version. I have 1.4 and 1.5 both the JDKs installed on my Windows XP machine.

    When I open command prompt and try to figure out...
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