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  1. How to take cross database computing with Java codes?

    I find two solutions with SQL and esProc on cross database computing, like belows, hope for a Java solution.

    With SQL:
    SELECT salesMan
    FROM (SELECT salesMan,
    row_number() OVER...
  2. How to handle database computation problem in Java application development?

    There are 2 frequently-updated Excel sheets, the clients and the orders. We need to find out which clients in the Excel sheet have bought all products in the list by importing a dynamic product list....
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    Re: Oracle 11g: Dynamic query problem

    It seemed some hard. But let make it easy to esproc.
    check this url:
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    Re: sql query mulfunction

    read first post: TAKE 30 SECONDS TO READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST! State what database are you using!
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