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    Re: Algorithms

    Sorry, but this looks like homework. We usually do not do everything for people, as they must at least put in an effort themselves.

    The first five questions are straightforward - simple maths, so...
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    Re: How do I get connected USB info?

    I would instead have a look at the phone maker's website for an SDK - usually they do supply that. I wouldn't play around with APIs specific to USB insertion and removal as your cell phone might...
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    Re: How to implement a SQL project?

    All he will need on his computer is the database ( and obviously whatever .NET Framework ). You can use the Script As functionality in SQL to create the queries necessary to create the database and...
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    Re: Save data from Checkbox to Access

    You can cast the Checkbox value ( True or False ) to a bit and then use INSERT Intro to store it inside the db
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    Re: please help in building program

    ZIP YOUR PROJECT and attach it here
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    Re: Replace Text with textBox

    Share your answer
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    Re: Change png color

    Perhaps use the SetPixel API
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    Re: exercises

    There should be resources for that book available on the book's website.
  9. Re: Shell Booter Source V2 [Direct Download(MediaFire)]

    This type of posts are not allowed on these forums, as it is against the AUP. I'm closing this thread now
  10. Re: Random Name manger & a spam bot [Need Help]

    Spam bots are actually against the AUP. I will close this thread now. However, If you can give me good reasons why I should reopen this thread, please feel to PM me
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    Re: App crashes when reading file

    Maybe this could help :

    FileStream fs = new FileStream(fileName, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read, System.IO.FileShare.ReadWrite).

    This allows a file being written to whilst being read by...
  12. Re: Form Data to Access Database Using VB and FormView in Visual Studio

    Welcome to the forums! :wave:

    Please make use of code tags when posting code, as explained here :
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    Re: Reference a CLASS

    You're almost there :)

    OK, do you have a constructor for your Class2?

    If you have, you have to supply an argument to it, then create an object of the same type and set this newly created object...
  14. Re: Need help with a to VB 6

    General Purpose Interface Bus, here's some more info :
  15. Re: Data Type Mismatch in criteria expression

    Show your query and table structure, as DM said
  16. Re: how make a button to open an image?

    You could also have a look into the Process class
  17. Re: Is it possible to create a "transparent" textbox/richtextbox?

    OK, well, I cannot seem to edit the above post :confused:

    This is not really good practice, IMHO, is there really a specific need for this?
  18. Re: Is it possible to create a "transparent" textbox/richtextbox?

    Have a look here :
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    Re: Using a wrapper in c#

    Hey Saeed.

    Silly suggestion / question :

    Did you reference this dll - be it through project references or by importing the type library namespace?
  20. Re: Any Tutorial on Windows phone 8 Task Scheduler?

    Use the Scheduler API as explained in this article :

    Now, before you crucify me for...
  21. xHTML Re: Different Table Cell sizes and colors

    Yes, it had to be precisely like the image. To be honest, I didn't think of having separate cells, which would most likely work. But I cannot see the whole logic in this whole exercise at all....
  22. xHTML Re: Different Table Cell sizes and colors

    Hey no problems Peej! :thumb: I am also not so frequent on the forums as I am currently looking for employment. Hence this question.

    I thought as much, and even let the people that gave me the...
  23. Re: Hide Printing Message in ReportViewer

    I think you could use a timer with a small interval. Then, make use of the FindWindow and FindWindowEx and ShowWindow APIs to hide the form. Look these APIs up on MSDN
  24. Re: VB.Net 2010 API To Hide Non Plug and Play Devices In Device Manager

    Three things :

    1) Welcome to the Forums
    2) This thread is 2 years old
    3) This is the VB.NET Forum, not C#
  25. Re: Cycling through Controls in a Panel

    I would suggest determining the type of the control first, before directly casting it. Some psuedo code would look like this :

    Private Function CheckBoxesAllSet() As Boolean
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