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    Create setup of a project

    Feeling great to come back after a long long time :)

    i want to creat a setup of my project (VB6.0).
    Do i need any extra installtions other than running vb setup.
  2. [RESOLVED] JavaBean problem with oracle form

    Hi to everybody,

    i have problem with java bean with oracle form, i m writing my problem here if someone can identify or give me solution to my problem.

    Here is my code.

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    Re: User defined types in CSharp

    heartiest thanks for the help.

    Really it does not make any sense to define day,month,year as string.

    The code was just an example and your help made me capable to step ahead.

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    Re: User defined types in CSharp

    Thanks MNovy for suggestion but my emphases is user defined type conversion
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    User defined types in CSharp


    I created a project in VB6 and now converting it to CSharp
    In my vb6 project i defined a User defined type as below

    Type Dated
    day As String
  6. Re: Replacement of vb6 datatype "Any" in CSharp

    u r right HanneSThEGreaT

    i have handled it in c# like this

    public static long rsiIDToText (ref RSI_ID ID, string text);

    Thanks a lot HanneSThEGreaT and all other participants.
  7. Re: Replacement of vb6 datatype "Any" in CSharp

    actually there is a dll called "rsidll32".
    to use that i have to call an APi used in it(given below)
    but it is in vb6, i have to work on it in csharp
    The declare is

    Declare Function...
  8. Replacement of vb6 datatype "Any" in CSharp

    Hi buddies

    In vb6 there is a datatype 'ANY', i need to know if there is any replacement in csharp for it

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    Reading Data from RJ45

    how can i read data from RJ45 when i have an IP address and

    Port(Socket) address assigned to it
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    Machine Interfacing through network card

    Hello everybody

    I need ur assistance in machine interfacing through network card.

    I have a Handpunch machine (HP3000)
    Employees are registered over it and mark their attendance,
    HP machine is...
  11. [RESOLVED] is it possible to share dataset as was recordset

    In ADO (VB) we were able to share a recordset for multiple users by setting
    Cursor location,lock type,recordset type etc.

    is such thing possible in VB.Net (ADO.Net)?
    because Dataset is...
  12. how to add Appearance Property to Userdefined Textbox

    Hi gurus

    i have created my own textbox from Custom Textbox and add some feature like Numeric etc

    but i can not add Appearance Property to it.
    can anybody tell me how may i do it?

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    Re: BackColor Property Of ComboBox

    It is an enhanced ActiveX ComboBox Control which does not have Its BackColor Property in Property window.

    I dont not have the sourcecode of it.
    but i want to use it in my project for its features...
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    BackColor Property Of ComboBox

    Hi every body

    i have an ocx control that does not have its BackColor Property (ComboBox).

    i want to add backcolor property to it in my project, Is there any API or any way to change backcolor...
  15. How to Change Windows Caption in Start Menu

    Hi guys

    how can the windows version's Caption in Start Menu be changed using vb.
    Like if i m using "Windows 2000 Professional" but i want to display "Windows 98" instead (See the attachement for...
  16. Re: VB6 returns no records but access returns 1 record

    u must use EOF Property of Recordset Object then like

    cat.ActiveConnection = Connection
    Set cmd = cat.Procedures("vac2").Command

    If (cmd Is Nothing) Then
    MsgBox "An...
  17. Re: VB6 returns no records but access returns 1 record

    One thing i dont see any declaration of rslist.
    Assuming u Declared it some where else i have done a line modification in ur code.

    Hope it will work :)

    cat.ActiveConnection =...
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    Re: Refresh all Opened Forms in MDIForm

    Thanks bushmobile

    This is really wonderful idea :thumb:
    i used to do so many times but this time i was just stuck to call Form_Load Event.

    Keep it up
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    Re: ADODB.Command Help

    plz expalin a little bit in more details?
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    Re: Refresh all Opened Forms in MDIForm

    One option i have is to unload each form then load them at the same instance

    Dim frm As Form
    For Each frm In Forms
    If Not TypeOf frm Is MDIForm Then
    If Not frm Is Nothing Then...
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    Refresh all Opened Forms in MDIForm

    Hi Guys,

    I Have module level global variables to hold date range which i use in all forms to (Complete Application) to specify records range for many reasons.

    I have the file attached...
  22. Re: Erroh Handling in database transactions

    i encountered the same problem with sqlserver the reason for me was that i used StoredProcedures to save the records.
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    Re: how to create pdf file from vb6

    Actually i want to reduce one step that is, first show it in report then export to pdf.

    i want to create a pdf file and load it directly to save time and extra effort as the client is too much...
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    how to create pdf file from vb6

    Hello buddies

    i have a system generated Invoice Report using Crystal Report8.5.
    Dot matrix printer is used to print the report that take time also double attempts to print even a single line.
  25. help getting screen resolution.............

    I m using my screen resolution 1024 by 768 Pixels.
    but some of my clients use 800 by 600 and some 1024 by 768........
    i want, when the user runs the application, it should read the screen...
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