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  1. Program written in beta 2 version of Framework 2.0... Help!!!

    I downloaded the DataStructures20.msi file from MSDN pages ( ) which has some OK examples of data structure (I`m interested only in graph...
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    C# 2.0 graph algorithm example

    Anybody have a working project of any graph algorithms?
    I checked out MSDN pages but there seem to be some mistakes in their examples, maybe a .net framework compatibility or something.

    Anyways I...
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    Re: Dynamic struct array malfunction...

    **** that was it....
    can`t believe I missed it....
    thanx dude :)
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    Dynamic struct array malfunction...

    I get an assertion error after entering the data in the array. If I use the static array all is fine but I really need a dynamic one...
    anyone see any errors?

  5. Re: Switching from one form to another on event

    Hope this one will do. Thanx. :)
  6. Switching from one form to another on event

    So, I click on a button or whatever and another form takes the place of current one like in an installation wizard for instance....
    Also how could I pass the data from one form to another upon the...
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    Re: A question....?

    Thank you for your replies. I`ll put it as an optional install (from the CD) if the necessary version isn`t already installed. Relying that people will alredy have it installed isn`t very smart IMO...
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    A question....?

    If I wanna develop a commercial program in C# which I wanna sell to my customers, is it a common practice to include the .NET Framework in the installation of the program to ensure its proper...
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