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  1. c++ question relaed to the buffer in the packet of ns3

    I a newbie to c++ and Ns3 !

    I want node 1 to send node 2 a packet where the data in that packet is of my choice . (

    so i want to include in the packet , a message of 10 lines of string. I...
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    tracing source and tracing sink


    I am reading the Ns3 tutorial - tracing system .

    I am so confused ! I can't seem to grab fully understand the Tracing source and Tracing sink.

    I understood that :

    Tracing source ...
  3. Re: can't understand this piece of code

    Merci beaucoups !! that was extremely useful !
  4. can't understand this piece of code

    Dear All,

    I am seeking the help of people who know c++ .

    Could anybody explain to me what is going on here ?

    ( i am tryin to learn ns3 and these codes are taken from ns3 tutorial chap7 )
  5. Which network simulator should i use ?

    Hello There,

    I want to run an experiment where I can use the mobile agent approach in a MANET (mobile ad hoc network ) what are some possible simulation tools, other than NS3, that I can use to...
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