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    Re: Using variables in Javascript

    It's working, big thanks!
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    Using variables in Javascript

    I usually do PHP programming, but I need to get a Javascript functions working with variables.

    This is the original code that's working:


    <script type="text/javascript">
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    Update DIV when typing in input field

    I have an input field, and when I type in it, I want a div to be updated at the same time.

    I have a script that works this way, but I've just copied it, and it uses very much code. So I want a...
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    Site onload effects

    Do you guys remember thoose effect pages used to have a few years ago? It loaded the page, and when it was loaded when a white page with black text printed out "Loading site...". Then the left side...
  5. Re: Update DIV without updating the whole page

    Ah I'm sorry it should be
  6. Update DIV without updating the whole page

    I want to do a function like Digg Live. I have a file that prints out the latest 10 rows in my database. And everytime a new entery is added to the database, I would like the DIV to be printed out...
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