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    Re: First Java Program does not work!

    make sure the console window is visible on net beans, if you are not getting any errors then most likely is your setup that's wrong
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    Re: Data type mismatch in criteria expression.

    check to see which line of the code causes the sql exception, all of your variables are of type string so it is possible that there might be a type mismatch in one of your assignments for exemple...
  3. JavaScript Re: tying to scroll to a dinamically created tag in innerHtml

    Yes, I used the scrollTo() function and also another function for finding the position of a given tag
    here is the code I used for that:

    function findPos(obj) {
    var curtop = 0;
  4. JavaScript Re: tying to scroll to a dinamically created tag in innerHtml

    oh come on,
    the project in which I'm working on involves implementing the algorithm I was talking you about not how to scroll to a tag dynamically, It just so happened that I didn't know how to...
  5. JavaScript Re: tying to scroll to a dinamically created tag in innerHtml

    Thanks a lot, yes I do realize I am making things a lot more complicated using an algorithm for string matching when I could just use regular expressions, but its for a school project so it is for...
  6. JavaScript tying to scroll to a dinamically created tag in innerHtml

    so basically I am scanning some text for a match and then when i find a match I'm putting some highlight tags around that word using innerHtml, but i also want to be able to scroll the browser to...
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    Re: Error in ActionListener

    its hard to trace the error you are mentioning because your code seems incomplete

    for example your method DemoForm is outside the scope of any class and then you have class thehandler that...
  8. Re: need help with some java coding (beginner) thanks in advance

    I'll point out a few things about your code.

    1) your code is missing two brackets at the end (although it might be because of the copy-paste)
    2) random in comeOut method needs an appropriate...
  9. Re: Convert String representation of HEX to HEX value

    Do you mean convert from a string that has a hex value to let say an int that has that hex value so you can make calculations with it?

    you can do that with parseInt from the Integer class:

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    Re: New to Java Need help with Homework

    the problem is that you are executing a loop with no body

    your loop is just this part

    while (count <= 5)

    none of the if statements get executed
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    Re: C# Form to edit a database.

    when you say save to a data source (database) do you mean an actual database or something like a text file that is acting as a database?

    if you're talking about a text file you can use...
  12. tryin to connect infopath(MS Office) to a web service written in java

    I've been wrestling with this problem for a couple of days now, I've been trying to connect infopath(ms office, used to create forms) to a web service written in java, this web service makes queries...
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    Re: problem with formulas

    *EDIT* -- SOLVED! i was able to figure this last question, what i ended up doing is creating a sub report that is displayed on the Report Header of the parent report
    all this help me to understand...
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    problem with formulas

    I've only stated to work with crystal reports recently so im still learning how to create reports, the version im using is 2008

    I have an orders table that looks like this

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    win batch file that uploads mysql data

    i wasn't sure where to put this thread so please redirect me if im in the wrong forum.

    i have a batch file that uploads a data.sql script to a mysql server and its working fine, i have this...
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    Re: Query for a report

    yeah i've heard about it but im just not that familiar with sql syntax I've been doing a bunch of googleing but this got me on the right track, thanks
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    Query for a report

    I'm trying to create a query for a report but I don't seem to come with the right query for it, I'm kinda new at doing queries and reports, anyway here's what I have.

    I have two tables that looks...
  18. Re: How to add items to the Windows Explorer context menu?

    yeah a bit exaggerated, just wanted to get the point across xD
    anyway that looks like a nice little program for adding stuff to the context menu, when I've done it I've always done it the manual...
  19. Re: How to add items to the Windows Explorer context menu?

    you are actually looking for a modification to your windows registry,

    look for tutorials on how to modify your registry so that you can add programs to your context menu, but always remember...
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    Re: MouseMove event fires for no reason

    well i wouldn't call this "undesired behavior" nor "fires for no reason" because as you explained there is an actual click on the form so this code will definitely fire

    if (e.Button ==...
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    Re: Problem with adding Item to a ListView

    your question is a bit vague mate

    for starters the problem that i see here is that you are trying to pass int[] to the ListVieIitem constructor and you can't do that, ListVieIitem doesn't take...
  22. Warning: mysql_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result

    im getting Warning: mysql_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in when using str_replace, im trying to replace a all "-" characters with " " on a string

    im pulling the...
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    Re: Help on Calculating Depth buffer

    This problems seems interesting.

    I went to the Wiki page to learn a more about it and I found that they have an algorithm in psudocode there, so maybe that might help...
  24. Re: A question regarding Mulitple Inheritance

    you guys are right xD my bad, it is posible to access methods from B by using a dynamic_cast

    lest see if I get this straight and please correct me if I'm wrong

    Rohshall pointed that when...
  25. Re: A question regarding Mulitple Inheritance

    Yeah you are right, casting is routinely done for polymorphic code but I don't necessarily agree with it being essential
    the reason I'm saying this is that when you do this:

    D* pD = new D;
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