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  1. Re: Explain the code please,how it outputs 2.

    It is actually a sample final exam question given by our professor.
  2. Re: Explain the code please,how it outputs 2.

    The thing i dont understand is regarding the recursion call and how the double pointers will work in this code.
  3. Explain the code please,how it outputs 2.

    using namespace std;

    class node {
    int num;
    class node * next;
    node(int n)
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    Text Justification

    I need some guidance in this code,how can i start off with. As there is not much material on internet about this type of code so i need some help from you guys. thanks.

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    Re: Binary Search tree

    The only problem i am having now is that id's are not been printed except root node but when i debug the program and print the current and root note by inserting cout,it shows everything...
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    Binary Search tree

    I am unable to implement the insert function properly,every time i run the program i just get the first value and name,i am not getting other Id's and name.Please help!Thanks

    "(Header File)"
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