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  1. This application is not a valid win32 application

    First of all, I knew this would happen.
    I'm trying to sell an application.
    What occurs is my first customer wich i bribed to buy it told me it crashes on launch.

    This application is not a...
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    visual c++ 2010 express crashes

    I try to add a webclient to my form.
    I can't do it because my IDE crashes whenever I do Add Item in my tools toolbox.

    Any solutions?
    I tried reinstalling it, still crashes.
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    C++ (Managed c++) SSIDS?

    I was pointed out that in Network Programming I should find a Networks expert.

    I'm using Managed c++ and wish to get for my Forms application a tool to connect to SSIDs.

    I need the...
  4. Re: Networks ssids connections using managed c++

    I'll try there later...
    thanks eric
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    System::Net ... SSIDS in there?

    All's in the question...

    I need to find how to get SSIDs and to connect to.
    I need a code that would work.

    i use Managed c++ (the "system::net" like "C");
  6. Re: Networks ssids connections using managed c++

    How do I implement native API?
    I know I should have a code example somewhere in a certain path of wlan api.
    But there is none.
    The expected path is simply not there.

    Else than that, I see no...
  7. Networks ssids connections using managed c++

    Hi, thanks in advance.

    I know there is a way to connect to ssids and / or create a connection in C++.

    But i need a Managed C++ way.

    I have some NetworkInformation code. But I need to know...
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    Re: Solution Accepted

    Now I will ask you in a new thread if you know how to do network connections in Managed C++.
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    Solution Accepted

    You saved my life.

    I had to add a flag in Inno Setup Compiler so that my executable after installs have the full permissions.
    After that done, it works great.

    Now, my new shell will...
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    Re: Registry Setvalue doesn't always work!

    the registry path is :
    hkeylocalmachine --> software -> microsoft --> windows nt -->winlogon --> shell
    I'm on windows 7

    I run under admin acount.

    I have no execption, neither first time...
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    Registry Setvalue doesn't always work!

    Registry.Setvalue won't work on my managed c++ program...

    I don't think you need code examples... cause my code is compiling.

    At runtime, I have no errors and the value in the registry is not...
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    Re: array of buttons... click event ?

    I think you're right for Managed C++,
    however this forum is mostly empty, I think I would not get an answer there.

    And so...

    I need to associate the click on those buttons arrays to...
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    array of buttons... click event ?

    Hi I have successfully compiled a code where I created an array of buttons.

    I have added a click event to it like this :

    buttons[indexofhashis2]->Click += gcnew System::EventHandler(this,...
  14. Re: webbrowser javascript "open" or openwith problem

    i have for example this adress in my adress bar :

    I need this to work... so please help...
  15. Re: webbrowser javascript "open" or openwith problem

    Okay... Nobody can help?
    my webbrowser doesn't interpret the Javascript::open... navigation links!

    Anybody can help? instead of letting this post without replys???
  16. webbrowser javascript "open" or openwith problem


    I'm using the webbrowser component provided by VC++ express.

    Actually, it works really fine, except for some rare occasions.

    Theses occasions often involve a button with href, wich...
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