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  1. Cannot implicitly convert type 'string' to 'System.Drawing.Size'

    I've searched around, and I'm not finding a solution to this one so I figured I'd ask you bright people:

    Trying to pull form size information out of a database and pass it to a form upon instance....
  2. Does anyone know how to zoom a parent and all children?

    I have a parent form (Form1) that holds four childForms (childForm1, childForm2, childForm3, childForm4). The childForms can get pretty big, and I'd like the user to be able to use the scrollwheel...
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    Re: Problems with cloning

    Thanks BigEd!

    I realized I was going about this whole thing all wrong and I've since started from scratch the proper way. I should be good to go!
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    Problems with cloning

    Thank you very much for reading this. I've been programming for 15 years (VB, a lot of PHP, etc), but I've never considered myself a 'real' programmer. Mainly I'll build things that I need that are...
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