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    Re: adodb connection

    I agree with DataMiser I don't like Data Controls or databound controls.
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    Re: adodb connection

    In your Open method you need (ConnectionString, optional username, optional password, optional options)

    So try this
    Dim cn as ADODB.Connection
    Dim rs as ADODB.Recordset
    dim strCN as...
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    Re: How to write a COM wrapper?

    Oh by the way, if the DLL was compiled as an ActiveX dll then you don't have bother with any of this mess you can just include the DLL as a reference in your VB Project and any public properties,...
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    Re: How to write a COM wrapper?

    I hate to even comment because I really don't know C++ code, but from the looks of what you have posted there your MyDLLFunction isn't returning a value. If your MyDLLFunction doesn't provide a...
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    Re: How to write a COM wrapper?

    Private Declare Function SomeFunction Lib "registered_dll_Filename" (Parameters) as return

    You can also declare the function public. Not all functions have returns and the declaration in your code...
  6. Re: Active Property Updates

    WizBang in my previous post I mentioned that the variable was a property of an instance of an OPC class object. The external process is an OPC server providing real time values from an Industrial...
  7. Re: Active Property Updates

    For the benefit of anyone following the thread, I'm posting an example project with a quick down an dirty wrapper class for an image control. The class provides a PictureChange event that I've used...
  8. Re: Active Property Updates

    Ah yes, I know what a wrapper class is. In fact most of the custom controls in question, the ones that need the value bound are essentially wrapper controls. I had thought of doing that, but since...
  9. Re: Active Property Updates


    I hate to sound ignorant, but that's essentially what I'm asking, how exactly would I go about creating a change event for something that has no method of triggering said event.

    Are you...
  10. [RESOLVED] Active Property Updates

    Iím looking for a good way to Bind a property of a control to an existing object property for automatic updating Without polling. The instance of the object and the instance of the control will be...
  11. Re: Get Filename from Initialized Object


    Yes, I had considered that option as well, but in the particular case I'm developing the control for, there is the likelihood of a dozen or more instances of the control on a single form, and...
  12. Re: SetWindowLong and WM_MOUSEMOVE

    Thanks for all the input guys. I actually resolved the situation with

    SetCapture Lib "user32" (ByVal hWnd As Long) As Long
    ReleaseCapture Lib "user32" () As Long

    It works nicely. I've...
  13. Re: SetWindowLong and WM_MOUSEMOVE


    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I knew that controls on my my form were child windows of the parent, and ignoring the mouseclicks is fairly straight forward, but I'm actually looking to ignore...
  14. [RESOLVED] SetWindowLong and WM_MOUSEMOVE

    Question for the gurus. I need to be able to ignore the mousemove event selectively for a selected control on a form. More specifically, I need the X and Y mousepointer coordinates to reflect the...
  15. Re: Get Filename from Initialized Object


    Thanks. That was pretty much the conclusion I had come to. I have another workaround but I just don't like it as much.

    My Situation is this. I have developed a custom control that has...
  16. [RESOLVED] Get Filename from Initialized Object

    I'm afraid I already know the answer to this question, but hey, it never hurts to ask right?

    I have an application where several images are loaded as properties of control(s) at design time and /...
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    [RESOLVED] Image Transitions

    I have an application where I use a series of GIF images with transparent backgrounds as overlays for a primary image. When transitioning from one overlay image to the next there is a brief moment...
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    [RESOLVED] OPC Client

    Anyone have sample source code or ActiveX components for creating / adding OPC Client capability to a VB6 app?
  19. Re: Out of Stack Space and Reserved Words

    Wow! I solved this problem when I discovered the User Control Wizard. LOL. After looking at the way it built the properties and events though, I still don't understand what I was doing wrong, I did...
  20. [RESOLVED] UserControl Property Limitations

    My Dilemma:

    I need a Control that is Arrayable for muti-instancing, contains a picture with a stretch property, and can be dynamically positioned at runtime with the mouse. In order to satisfy...
  21. [RESOLVED] Out of Stack Space and Reserved Words

    I am subclassing (if what we do in VB can actually be considered true subclassing) I've created a control with nothing but an image on it. I've defined all of the properties I need in my control...
  22. Re: UserControl Events Problem

    Thanks for the warm welcome and the fantastic response. The code worked beautifully. There is a slight delay in the event response but IT WORKS, and the delay is a small trade-off for having the...
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    Get Enum Index Value??

    Is it Possible to get the "Index Value" or position from an Enum?

    There are no apparent properties of a defined ENUM only the individual elements. I know I can assign my Enum Values to an Array...
  24. [RESOLVED] UserControl Events Problem

    I have a User control with a label on it. If I raise a user control click event from the label it works fine. If I raise a user control dblclick event from the label it works fine. If I raise both...
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