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    At last!...

    At long last I've come back to my own problem, and found the neat solution that I always thought must be there: Call ShellExecuteEx with at least the following fields of the SHELLEXECUTEINFO...
  2. Splitter windows, and which view?...

    In terms of which view receives a message, part of the rationale of the Doc/View architecture is that you shouldn't have to worry about that. All a view should need to care about is keeping in sync...
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    Calling ShellExecute on Track01.cda works for a...

    Calling ShellExecute on Track01.cda works for a normal CD, but not for a "CD Extra" format CD (audio + data). It seems that Windows can detect it as an audio CD (because Media Player can play it),...
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    Launch default player for audio CD

    I am trying figure out how I can get my app to launch the default audio CD player, with a CD Extra (i.e., audio + data) in the CD drive. Oh, and I'm trying to avoid playing with the registry!!

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