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  1. How to Save Xml Dom to IStream ?(with anwser in it)

    keyword: IStream Dom Save encoding
    when you create a MS DOM object,you maybe want to save the content to memory ,not to file ,How to do this?i have found all the world, no i write it ....
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    about deployment

    K.Babu have given a deploy file list,that's for crystal report 8,not 9,i accord it and success .but cr9 is terrible,
    i copy craxdrt9.dll to other machine,then want to register it using regsvr32...
  3. I have got the answer!!!!! it's interface as...

    I have got the answer!!!!! it's interface as param:

    // xslSetParamTest.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.
    #include "stdafx.h"

    char* XQ_ConvertBSTRToString(BSTR...
  4. you can get online help :on line help...

    you can get online help :on line help
  5. about vc++ and xml and xsl problem,please come in

    my friends,
    i use vc++ to develop xml and xsl program,use xsl to transform xml ,then get the transformed result.if you know xsl,you can know that xsl can set parameter into it.porgram look like...
  6. do you want to let modelessdlg in maindlg ? take...

    do you want to let modelessdlg in maindlg ?
    take all maindlg client place?
  7. mfc PROBLEM? CONTROL in formview flick,flick

    i made a sdi with formview,then add control to formview, compile,run exe,then drag the window border to zoom it .you can see: FLICK,control Flick.
    i find out the reason: erase back ground area and...
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    which side is data at?client or server?

    My English is POOR!
    I have a small question:When I use ADO access Database (at server machine),If I select a very LARGE recordset ,selected result on which side? client or server?
    Because I don't...
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