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  1. Re: So how do you compare strings in MFC/Unicode build?

    I have found that CRT (and therefore MFC) doesn't directly support locale_invariant, but 1252 close enough (which is what ATL code used before locale_invariant support was added to ATL)

  2. Re: MS Visual Studio 2010 and support for Windows 9x and 2000

    I dealt with the spin-off question earlier (EXE size). Now back to the original question - Visual C++ 2010 on Windows 2000 - here is my solution:
  3. Re: MS Visual Studio 2010 and support for Windows 9x and 2000

    To address the static MFC size issue problem (not the Win2K problem) if you haven't already seen this, I thought I'd mention it. It will shrink your static MFC app back down to more reasonable size....
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    Re: Microsoft VisualStudio2005 and NT4

    another way is to rebuild the msvcr80.dll for NT4 SP6
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    Re: Windows Vista issues

    you need to remove OFN_ENABLEHOOK flag. You can disable the hook just before the DoModal, e.g.

    dlg.m_ofn.Flags &= ~OFN_ENABLEHOOK;
  6. Thread: Thank you!!!

    by Ted.

    Sticky: Thank you!!!

    I want to thank all the people involved in this slow chat, especially the VC team. It was really interesting and informative.
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Hotfixes and KB articles?

    Thank you SO much for preparing this info - it really helps out a lot!!!

    Can you double check - the one I mentioned has a title "Resource compiler reports error message when I try to edit a...
  8. Re: Event Handler Wizard desperately needs redesign

    The best quote I can find would be from here (3 years ago):

    "They took away the 'Class Wizard' and...
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    Re: Orcas and wrapping native Vista APIs

    Yes you're probably right, however, they're not going to create new libs for Orcas, so the other choice to put them in would be ATL.
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    [RESOLVED] Orcas and wrapping native Vista APIs

    Doing a bit of work with the Vista Beta 2 SDK, I have realized just how huge a number of new native Vista APIs there are. I'm not necessarily talking about the new controls or user experience APIs,...
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    Re: Hotfixes and KB articles?

    Thanks very much - also may I ask you take a quick look at my last response in the below thread, I had another question about a particular fix.
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    [RESOLVED] Hotfixes and KB articles?

    What exactly is the process that you use to get KB articles published to the site? There's been a VC 2005 hotfix that's existed for a while for resource trashing (kb id 917327)...
  13. Re: Raising the bar for fixes to legacy compiler (and planning for 2005 SP2)?

    Leslie, I hope you don't mind, can you check for me one other bug that has hit us brutally (the resource conditional preprocessing problem)
  14. [RESOLVED] C++ and library user education - Microsoft free developer events?

    How much say do you as a team have in suggesting sessions for Microsoft developer events (I'm talking about the big 1 day marketing pushes, not the TechEds or PDCs). I think it would be worthwhile...
  15. Re: Raising the bar for fixes to legacy compiler (and planning for 2005 SP2)?

    That's great news Leslie - thanks for getting that list together.
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    Re: IntelliSense in VC++

    try these two hotfixes first and see if it helps at all:;en-us;916769;en-us;913377

    get from here:
  17. Re: What is (was) MQ? and is it going to continue?

    Great info - thanks.
  18. Re: Raising the bar for fixes to legacy compiler (and planning for 2005 SP2)?

    Thanks for the answer.

    I can imagine that some careful decisions have to be made for each issue as to how much testing it would take, how much instability it might bring etc. And also I can...
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    [RESOLVED] Managed C++ to C++/CLI converter

    A Managed C++ to C++/CLI converter has been alluded to many times in the past as something that was under development.

    Could this please be released, even under the guise of an unsupported...
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    Re: VS8 - C++ programmers invited?

    Your message here is: I'd love to use this product but the main "adoption blocker" is the IDE usability/performance/bugs. I sat down with them in October of 2003 and gave them that exact message. ...
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    Re: We want more Classes in MFC

    I think they got this message now after 4 years of not getting it. What I've heard is that Orcas will focus on some improvements in MFC to vastly improve the leveragability of both the XP and Vista...
  22. [RESOLVED] What is (was) MQ? and is it going to continue?

    What exactly is MQ that was briefly mentioned here:

    Is it a...
  23. [RESOLVED] Raising the bar for fixes to legacy compiler (and planning for 2005 SP2)?

    As the bar has raised as to what bugs are being considered for fix ( for those who haven't read, please see: )

    what is the choosing...
  24. [RESOLVED] Why Phoenix? What is the benefit of a new architecture?

    I've heard that Microsoft will abandon development of its standard C/C++ compiler and put all its efforts into a new compiler named Phoenix. Can you

    1) give a brief history of what started this...
  25. [RESOLVED] MFC CFileDialog: Vista plans for Orcas?

    As you probably know, Vista has a brand new common File Open/Save dialog (comdlg32.dll) with a different looking places bar, and search built-in, different toolbar etc.

    MFC's CFileDialog calls...
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