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    Re: Anyone Else Experincing This problem?

    Tried that, it froze when i used this code T_T
    I don't under stand what is happening. I'm trying to take my program
    from Visual Basic to Visual C++ cause I'm alot better at C++ and The
    Coding is...
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    Re: My "first" program

    This should help. I hope you find something you like.

    I had trouble with Visual Basic and I bought a book and...
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    Anyone Else Experincing This problem?

    When I type the Code

    User Login Form2.Show()

    The whole program crashes. It works just fine on Visual Studio 2010 but doesnt work a big on Visual C++ no idea...
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    Re: What Song Are You Listening To Now┐

    Thanks for the forum page. I've found like hundreds of new artists I enjoy now :D.
    I'm Listening to B.o.B. Featuring Haley Willams - Airplanes ^_^
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    Re: Looking for Super Users & Moderators

    I'd Love to help out I've always been a big fan of Skype. Always used the program ever since it came out :D
    How would I be of usage and what would I have to do?
  6. Re: How Can I make a Slot machine in

    Thanks! I'm reading it right now. I'm going to test it out. If it doesn't work I will reply again A.S.A.P.

    EDIT: Btw this doesnt help me with the window where im suppose to have a button that is...
  7. (HELP) Wanting to make a photo program

    Im trying to create a program where I can have it edit a background Which im having success with but the troubles i'm having with are.
    Im trying to get a text Tool. I have a text box and what Im...
  8. Re: How much it takes from you to master C++ ?!

    ROFL really? I'd probally love to have him as a college professor. I'd bet he tought you everything he knew in C++ haha
  9. Re: NEW: "last one to post on this thread wins" Thread - But new rules
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    Making cool Tool For a Game.

    For many of you out there, I am coding a combat arms program.
    What I'm trying to do for my program is that i'm trying to get it where i can do custom easy to make accolades.

    Q: What are...
  11. How Can I make a Slot machine in

    Well i accidently posted this inside the wrong section and got no help.
    I have to build a slot machine that rotates 3 pictures, and when the player wins a Button pops up going "You've Won, or...
  12. Re: (HELP) how to build a slot machine in visual Basic?

    Ah thanks, I didn't know which section to post this in because im new to this website haha. Anyways have a good weekend.
  13. Re: How much it takes from you to master C++ ?!

    There is no such thing as Mastering C++. Not even the creator can remember all the functions he added. Which is kinda sad to be honest. There are over 1000's of functions. I know quite a few thousand...
  14. (HELP) how to build a slot machine in visual Basic?

    I am working on this for class and
    really need help T_T
    Im currently working on a visual basic slot machine. It currently uses 10 form windows. Each window does a diffrent thing.
    Form 1 is the...
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