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    Re: AppendDataBoundItem

    I think if you set the AppendDataBoundItem attribute in the dropdownlist to false, the repetition of the data could be stopped. You may also try setting the atributes in the Page.Ispostback method....
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    Re: GridView Add, Edit and Delete operation


    You don't require to set the visibility of the control during the design time. In the event Gridview RowDatBound set the visibility property to false. Then you In the rowcommand event describe...
  3. Re: Possible to move [Edit] button on the RIGHT of a GridView row? (ASP.NET VS2008 C#

    Hi, You can also do in the following way by using a linkbutton/button as an item in the template field and then use the row command method to perform the editing role or whatever is required. You can...
  4. Re: need help with getting webserver current directory

    Hi, as far as I have understood your problem, why don't you try to use the Server.MapPath() method to store the data. Also if you are viewing the path only, then you can use the...
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    Re: ASP page not responding

    I think there is a conflict in the domain name for accessing the page. So it would be better if you differentiate these servers with different domain names. Check out and see if it works or not.
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    Cannot find server error


    I am binding data to grid view in 2.0, c#. the data to the gridview is bound when there is a file in the fileupload control and a click event is generated by another button which...
  7. how to allow selection of only one radiobutton from a column of gridview

    Hi all,

    I m currently using gridview control of VS2005 and binding the data to it. I am able to view the controls and data, but not able to select the radiobutton.

    Please reply ASAP.
  8. how to remove flickering when the data is being postback

    I am using an update panel in my application which has two dropdownlist boxes in it. The items list for each dropdownlist box is dependent on one another. When I select the item of one...
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    Re: Multi-Select ListBox Problem


    Please check that while your selection is getting checked is the data in the listbox is getting refreshed. I mean as you are checking for the selected items in the list, is the list doing a...
  10. Re: Changing HeaderText of datagrid programatically

    You can do so in the following way:
    gv_AddFiles.DataSource = dt;
    gv_AddFiles.Columns[0].HeaderText = "Remaining files";
    Here gv_AddFiles is the id...
  11. Re: How to Handle Exception after uploading files onto server

    Thanks mmetzger for your help. I would check it with other web hosting sites and see if it works or not.
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    Re: Multi-Select ListBox Problem

    Please check whether there is a post back in the page load event. May be this would be the cause.
  13. Re: How to Handle Exception after uploading files onto server

    Thanks for your reply. The ConvertToFLV method is actually calling a separate executable. But I need it to convert my video files. So how to overcome this problem. Do you have some suggestions.
  14. Re: How to resize the web browser and hide the menu bar when opening a web page

    Hi, why don't you try calling the OpenNewWP() javascript function after the execution of the this.GetPostBackEventReference(btnLogIn) and see if it works or not. Sometimes the ordering of the...
  15. Re: How to Handle Exception after uploading files onto server

    Thanks for your reply. I have uploaded the application onto godaddy hosting server and given all the required permissions. Still I am facing the problem. Can you suggest some more help.
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    Re: Help with (c#) Web service

    Please add the following line:

    just before the declaration of the webservice class

    public class system_information : System.Web.Services.WebService ...
  17. How to Handle Exception after uploading files onto server

    Hi all,

    I recently published an application and uploaded it onto to server. It has a module to upload video files. While I was uploading a video file of a size less than the allowed size of the...
  18. Thread: Plz hel me

    by jspintu

    Re: Plz hel me

    Hi you can do so. I think you are using the flv shockwave player. For that you can add <div> tag in your aspx page and provide it an id and make it run at server, say, <div id="showvideo"...
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    Re: I need to learn XML Web Services

    if you want to learn the basics only you can refer the online notes and tutorials. i suggest you to check out with the following links.
  20. Re: managing selectedindexchanged event in gridview

    Actually I want to select the contents of a particular cell in a gridview without clicking on the command button field used in my gridview.
  21. managing selectedindexchanged event in gridview


    I want to call the selectedindexchanged event without clicking on the command bound column, i.e., I want to perform the task by clicking on say a databound column of the gridview.

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