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  1. Re: How to display MessageBox from WCF service?

    Use any logging framework to log such exception/messages. You cannot / should not use messagebox at service end.
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    Re: Close itself-Console

    Are you talking about when debugging the application ? Because while running the application directly, I didnt faced any such issue.
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    Re: Reading and writing a txt on ftp.

    To connect to the FTP server we can use the FtpWebRequest C# object under the System.Net namespace. The object is created with the FtpWebRequest.Create() function. Note that the function will ask for...
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    Re: Unable to debug release build

    The best way is it log that error in release mode and paste the error here. Without knowing the kind of error, we are helpless.
  5. Re: writting a dll and want to return a result back to the calling code.

    You need to use reflection to load the dll at run time and invoke its method.
  6. Re: Exception Handling without closing program

    "and if I simply catch the exception and don't throw it further it will run into other exceptions, causing the same issue."

    Why so if you already caught the exception, why would you proceed,...
  7. Re: WebBrowser Control - Wait for page to process

    I guess unless all elements are loaded, that event isn't fired at all.
  8. Re: WebBrowser Control - Wait for page to process

    Use DocumentCompleted event of webbrowser control.
  9. Re: MDA Error : ContextSwitchDeadlock was detected

    Is wc reference of webclient object ?
  10. Re: Problem with Process and file .bat

    I guess there is another way to specify the arguments, may be some kind of identifier to specify the filename to be executed by console2.exe
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    Re: Calling methods on unnamed objects

    You can create instance of usercontrols and then access the public method of those usercontrols.
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    Re: Fill Specific no of grid in C#

    There is no way to solve your problem unless we know the logic behind that method.
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