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  1. Console.Readline doesn't read correctly strings with spaces

    In the following code, I drag into the window a text file, but if the file name contains a space, then the name is not inserted correctly into path string.

    What is the problem?

    If the text...
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    Re: c# advice - parsing text file

    Hi Bio,
    Thank you for your advice.

    Could you please explain what does this loop do?

    foreach(string trg in targets)
    targetTable[trg] = 0; //Any value will do, we're just setting it to...
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    c# advice - parsing text file


    I got a large text file, and I want to find different sentences (strings) in this file.

    What would be an efficient way to go through the file and look for different sentences?

    I can read...
  4. Hi everyone :) great to join the C# world!

    I'm electric engineer, graduated half a year ago.

    The only programming languages I learned in the university were Assembly and C.

    I started studying C# a month ago, taking it a bit slow...
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    Access Tool with C#

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to the forums and to c# world, and I'm glad to join you.

    The company I work for has an analysis tool which it developed.

    This tool is installed on the PC, and part of what...
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