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  1. Diacritics get stripped out of my capitalization function

    I have a very simple capitalization program that helps me auto-capitalize text files. It operates from a capitalization dictionary which is also a text file. The capitalization dictionary consists...
  2. Re: DirectShow playback with no pause between clips

    Geraint Davies offered the following two solutions, both of which I'm ashamed not to have come up with myself! :)
  3. Cannot compile Geraint Davies' GMFBridge

    I got suggestions to check out the GMFBridge tool, and indeed, it looks like it may provide a path to seamless playback of video clips using DirectShow. Unfortunately, I can't get the samples to...
  4. DirectShow playback with no pause between clips

    I'm writing an application in DirectShow but I have a few questions.

    Specifically, I'm trying to get two video clips to play, sequentially, in the same screen space, with no pause in between. ...
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