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  1. Re: [RESOLVED] Diamond Inheritance Problem - C#

    My bad... I read it wrongly... I was reading it as if it was a constructor.. rather than reading it correctly as a destructor..

    Yup now I get the point ! and yeah I agree too... coz C++ gave the...
  2. Re: [RESOLVED] Diamond Inheritance Problem - C#

    Can you please elaborate on this one?
  3. Re: Diamond Inheritance Problem - C#

    Thanks for your elaborate explanation. I guess I got you too involved in my example and made you miss the idea behind my question which was originally "How to achieve multiple inheritance using...
  4. Re: Diamond Inheritance Problem - C#


    Thanks again for your response. I guess you mean to say that my class design(the example that I had initially mentioned when I started this thread) needs to be re-looked at and...
  5. Re: Diamond Inheritance Problem - C#


    Hi, I guess you missed out a portion of my question here.

    The redundancy that I am referring to in the piece of code provided by you, is with respect to class C

    I have a class...
  6. Re: Diamond Inheritance Problem - C#

    Thanks for the response. Yes I also had composition as a work around, but wanted to find out if C# does in fact have the same way of doing it, just as C++ lets me do. btw, since I got stuck...
  7. Re: Diamond Inheritance Problem - C#

    Thanks for the prompt reply.
    But the problem is since the interfaces (As highlighted by you) IBowler and IBatsman arent allowed to include any data members, how would I go about defining the...
  8. [RESOLVED] Diamond Inheritance Problem - C#

    This question is specific to C# not providing multiple inheritance unlike C++ and the need to go about using interfaces to implement multiple inheritance.

    Itís about Multiple Inheritance and how...
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