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  1. Re: UPDATE & INSERT speed improvement question

    What i meant is that i use a loop in my code to insert or update (depending if itemID exists or not) the data per row from my data table in the source code.

    if theres a way to tell the sql server...
  2. Re: UPDATE & INSERT speed improvement question

    Its a SQL server database and i didn't index it, I'm learning these implementations as we speak.

    As far as the INSERT/UPDATE, i use per row command and not as bulks.

    Is there a way to let the...
  3. UPDATE & INSERT speed improvement question


    I'm working on a project which carrying a large scale of database (over 5 millions records).
    I'm looking for a way to improve the communication speed with the SQL server in any way that i...
  4. How to get the page event which indicates that a page is shown to the interface?


    I'm building an Ajax project and i need to get an event from the page when the page is finished to load and to render and is shown to the client's interface.

    The second question is when...
  5. Issue with UpdatePanel and ProgressPanel nested in a composite control

    Hello to all the smart people,

    I'm trying to create a composite control which include nested controls from the great Ajax Dev.

    I overcame a lot of issues and can be helpful in some but my...
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