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  1. Re: Selecting 64bit vs 32bit Dll's at runtime....

    Thanks Craig..

    You Google Foo is better than mine.. well actually you used better search terms...

    I'll be following up on these soon, other progects currently have taken over my time.. We have...
  2. Selecting 64bit vs 32bit Dll's at runtime....

    Good heavens, it feels like it's been age's since i last checked in... Work has me buzzing, and the new house, well I think i've just about redone everything you can think of, Plumming, Electrical,...
  3. Re: Accurate timer needed for drum sequencer

    according to my maths... 120 BPM = 500ms between 125ms - 140ms your getting between 428 and 480BPM ....

    Just remember that most timers are accurate only to ~16 ms and some are as bad as...
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    Re: Do while loop

    read your statement out loud...

    DO while NOT EOF and icount GREATER than 5..... erm... two choises here... not EOF as first and greater than 5 as second...

    you want : DO while NOT EOF and...
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    Re: Help with Weather API Project

    [All 3 threads merged]
  6. Re: How can I tell the difference between source and published .NET code?

    If the folder contains PageName.C (or .cs) then you have source..
  7. Re: Bringtofront and send to back not working

    You need to pass it Focus...

    or set its owner to one you want behind

    Which of the two methods depends on how you want the forms to react....
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    Re: Tab order in a GroupBox

    [Split Topic]...

    Please post a new topic for your question, and do not revive old topics....
  9. Re: RUNNING LINEAR ACTUATOR without feed back

    I didnt double check your calculations but you switched actuator time and solar time .....

    if Actuator run for 2 sec ->(2*88/25)= 7.04 i.e actuator moves 7 minutes (solar time);
  10. Re: [help] make aplication to replace hex in exe or file

    Before we continue... As David has already asked... What file and why?? .. what are you trying to do.. there may be a better solution to you problem..

    The Hex editor your pointing to was written...
  11. Re: [help] make aplication to replace hex in exe or file

    [merged threads]

    Please do not post the same question in multiple forums...
  12. Re: Urgent: DBNull error - 'System.InvalidCastException'

    one of the records (or more) does not have data entered for the column "name" and thus returns a DBNull..either repair the data, or handle the DBnull..

    btw you will need to use if Var IS DBNull...
  13. Re: [VB 2012] Need help with a Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock game

    David has a weird way of saying things but he is right..

    It's not good telling us you got errors.. Tell us what the error is.. What is it doing that it's not supposed to.. What is it supposed to...
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    Re: GridView CheckBox Enable & Checked

    There are several ways to do this...

    One is in the VB code using the Databound event...
    Protected Sub GridView1_RowDataBound(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As...
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    Re: GridView CheckBox Enable & Checked

    [Moved Thread]
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    Re: vb 6 Graph Plotting

    More than likely it's a custom draw control, using a picture or image box as a base...
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    Re: matlab program

    Please DO NOT link to EXE files..

    Rather explain what your looking to do.....
  18. Re: VB 2005 - Smart Device: add extra tread to check if network is active

    Here's an example that i used to spawn a thread to print a receipt...

    Dim WT1 As New System.Threading.Thread(AddressOf PrintReceipt)
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    Re: how to break repeating random

    Okay your been very vague....

    "random still repeating" dies not help ... what we need to know is it :

    #1).. Every time you run the program the questions repeat in the same order !!

    #2).. The...
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    Re: Key Stroke Limitations

    Your on the right track.. however i tend to use the TextBox#_KeyPress event... also your trying to handle the events your self rather than filtering out those you dont want to happen...
    So like in...
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    Re: Key Stroke Limitations

    [moved thread]
  22. Re: Experienced VC++ Developers Needed in London, UK

    [moved to correct forum]
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    Re: how to break Statement loop

    Use a Exit For when you want to exit the for loop... so like this..

    intNumberOfForms = 40

    frmQuizArray = Shuffle(intNumberOfForms - 1)

    For i = 0 To intNumberOfForms - 1
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    Re: Crystal Report XI R2 Problem

    Dah ...

    I'm showing you a DEMO or EXAMPLE in EXCEL.. where you CAN SEE how the date formats work...

    Try it..... IN EXCEL...
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    Re: Crystal Report XI R2 Problem

    Okay here's a simple DEMO..

    Open Excel.... In the first column format the cells to display date in a long format (I use a custom type)...

    then copy paste this list of differently...
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