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  1. Re: How to: create a array with undetermined length?

    you can also use a Dictionary<int, int> and create a method to get the values in the proper order if you need it.
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    Re: Serialization problem

    Just as a tip, it's usually not a good idea to use exception for handling normal behaviors in the code (like finding the end of file). An exception is supposed to be exceptional. Would be better this...
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    Re: MFC or Qt?

    For having used both extensively, I would suggest without any doubt QT. It's not just a library with widgets but also contains tons of other stuff. IMO, you would get what you want way faster with...
  4. Re: Using C# with Dreamweaver to develope a website

    I think you should start doing some tutorial using Blend and Silverlight for writing web services in C#. After that, you only need to connect your web services and the interface (from Dreamweaver)...
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    Re: Tab Control Question

    The solution of HanneSThEGreaT is really nice and easy, but it's not robust since it's base on string that can easily change in the designer. Probably using the "tabPageObject.Name" property could be...
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    Re: properties problem

    Not really, a property is exactly like a method. The advantage is if you change the internal object, the properties and methods signature doesn't need to change. Usually property and memver variable...
  7. Re: ListView Group Display Problem at run-time

    Hahaha, looks like posting made me thought about the problem. I'm under XNA and I'm making an editor. I just remember I had to put the attribute STAThread. So, after comparing the 2 program.cs, I...
  8. [RESOLVED] ListView Group Display Problem at run-time


    I've come across a really weird problem. I was trying to see the groups in my application, but it didn't seems to work at run-time. So, I stated to develop my control in a test application....
  9. Re: Very basic question concerning text boxes...

    Arjay gave the proper answer, but I would suggest you to look at the DataGridView. You can make a log window similar to visual studio (like the Error List). By using a BindingList with the DataSource...
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    Databinding with multiple control


    I've come across a weird problem. I've tried a lot of possibilities and still doesn't have the result I want. So, to make it simple, I've got 3 values I want to bind together using...
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    Re: My EditorAttribute is ignored

    Looks like I made a mistake with my search, and I didn't have the reference "System.Drawing.Design". But after trying your idea, it doesn't change anything to the problem. I've also tried to inherit...
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    Re: My EditorAttribute is ignored

    ColorEditor doesn't exist. I've did some seach, but it seems that only TypeConverter exist for the type Color. And if we read the doc about the ctor of the EditorAttribute:

    we cannot put a...
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    My EditorAttribute is ignored


    I've got a weird problem with my code. I've created an UITypeEditor:

    public class ColorPickerEditor : UITypeEditor {...}
    and use it properly:

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    Re: loading screen

    It depends on how you load your data. If you have no control, doing what Shuja Ali is a good option. On the other hand, if you have more control (or can refactor it), you could just add a variable...
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    Re: basic questions about enum

    Here an alternative for your "switch" case problem. Instead of doing it "C++ like", why don't you use C# attributes?

    // this class already exist, but is shown as example
    public class...
  16. Re: How to get the type of a generic collection?

    After some try and error, I found out the method:


    Hope it helps someone in the future...
  17. [RESOLVED] How to get the type of a generic collection?


    instead of trying to explain my question, here a simple example.

    List<int> list = new List<int>();
    Type listType = list.GetType();

    Type listItemType = listType.GetTypeMagicly();...
  18. Re: Reading a specific line from txt file

    If you want really fast access, without doing IO operation all the time (like you do in your solution), I would suggest that you parse only your file once and put it in a dictionary or a similar...
  19. Re: Is it possible to get PropertyInfo from the property declaration?

    I'm trying to abstract the name of the property. The reason is that if a certain attribute is defined for this property, I want to use it. Also, I don't want people to use "strings" when creating a...
  20. Re: Is it possible to get PropertyInfo from the property declaration?

    My goal is really simple, I want to be able to build a string at "compile time".


    string str = "SELECT * FROM " +
    Stringize(typeof(Foo)) + " WHERE " +
  21. Is it possible to get PropertyInfo from the property declaration?


    I was wondering is it was possible to get the PropertyInfo directly from the code? What I mean is that I don't want to have a string base method call. To be clearer, I will show an example...
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    Re: Attributes Aliases?

    Never mind, After writing this post it gives me an idea to test. I found out by testing that you can add the suffix "Attribute" and it will automaticly bind it...
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    [RESOLVED] Attributes Aliases?


    I'm wondering how .Net is implementing the "alias" of an attribute?

    // using DisplayNameAttribute class.
    [DisplayName("My Name!")
    public String Foo
    { get; set; }
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    Re: how to close the forms....

    I'm not sure to understand what you want, but if you check the default generated file program.cs in the main, there is a line like that

    Application.Run(new Form1());

    So, what you could do is...
  25. Re: rethrow in catch statement

    Ok, I found out that the problem occurs when I was tracing only. It seems that when the throw was trying to jump, instead of going directly to the next catch, it was going in that weird callstack.
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