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  1. Parallel Processing in Framework 2.0

    Hi All,

    I need to do parallel processing in my coding because i have 4 sql to fetch data from database which each take me 3-4 minutes.All the tables involved are raw table and that is no way i...
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    Re: Excel Format

    Hi my code is as below:


  3. How To Have Bottom Border Programmactically in Exportes Excel File

    Hi, i need to have bottom border programmatically in exported excel file.
    I have search through online but find no solution on this.

    Does anyone has idea on this?

    Help Please!!
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    Excel Format

    Hi All,

    I need to export data to excel and arrange the data according to column1.

    I should group the data by column1 and draw a line fo reach group.

    The excel format should look like below:...
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    Active Directory Authentication

    I need to do authentication via Active Directory.The VB6 program should only allow user to log in to the system if and only if user has key in correctly his AD login (samAccountName) and...
  6. Why data F+20-20% become F20% When Exported To Excel


    My data F+20-20% in Gridview when exported to Excel become F20%.

    I have few ways but it is not working.

    I have try to make the excel file column to be TEXT format and the coding is as...
  7. Re: Exported Data Not Exported Correctly

    I have try to export it to TEXT column in excel file. But it consists of character the column cannot be exported to text column.My code is as below.

    Dim strStyle As String =...
  8. Exported Data Not Exported Correctly


    I am exporting data from gridview to excel file.
    My problem is that for all the string which contain "+", the rest of data begining from it is missing in excel file.

    For example:...
  9. Dynamically Created TextBox in GridView does not show updated value after postback

    I have a grid view that is dynamically created.In which every cell in the girdview has a 2 textbox (cTxtboxQty,ctxtWorkOrder) and 2 label.

    When user click on the cell, a pop up come out and user...
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    Dynamic 3d Drag n Drop Gridview

    dynamic 3d drag n drop gridview

    Hi, i need to come out a 3d drag and drop grid view for user to arrange the item inside it for priority arrangement.
    Let me explain...
  11. Re: Namespace Issue in ASP.Net 3 tier architecture

    for Q2,
    i have found that as long as they are not in the same level of namespace ( MyCompany.Myproject.BL.XXX ), the problem does not happen in the Business Logic layer nor Data Access Layer....
  12. Namespace Issue in ASP.Net 3 tier architecture

    Hi, i am in the process of creating 3 tier architecture for with Microsoft Studio 2005.

    My architecture is as below

    Presentation Layer
    ------------------------------- ...
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    Re: 3 Tier Architecture in 2.0

    Hi dannystommen, nelo,

    I have come out the solution for connection control in reading data from multiple table in database.
    The solution is the DataAdapter will open/close the connection...
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    Re: 3 Tier Architecture in 2.0

    Hi, i have come out a 3 tier architecture for Microsoft VB2005 for Framework 2.0.
    I have few question to ask on the 3 tier architecture that i have come out.

    Below is my structure:
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    Re: 3 Tier Architecture in 2.0

    Hi, i have come out the solution by using namespace.
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    3 Tier Architecture in 2.0

    i am in the process to come out a 3 tier architecture for 2.0
    The Architecture that i want is
    (1).DAL(Data Acess Layer) in App_Code folder
    (2).BLL(Business Logic Layer) in App_Code...
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    935 display data issue

    Hi, I have an issue in managing data to be display in the web page.
    The scenario is below:

    Parent page
    drop down list
    grid view - data is control by drop dropdownlist selection

    Pop up page...
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    Pop Up when mouse over.

    I would like to have a pop up when mouse over a gridview.The pop up will show the detail of every row in grid view.I have search online but no soluiton on this.Does anyone has any idea on this?...
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    Image Control

    I have a image control on my web page.Some picture that i have uploaded can be seen while some picture i have uploaded cannot be seen.For example, the picture that i created through Windows...
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    Shared System flow Resouces

    Hi everybody,
    i am wondering if outside there if any web site that share the resources of that share the system flow such as inventory system flow, accounting system flow and also mrp or erp...
  21. System.Threading.ThreadAbortException Error and Response.End

    Hi, I encounter the error when i use response.end for display my report.

    After refer to;en-us;312629 , i have change response.end to...
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    MYSQL last modify or restored date

    Hi, may i know how to check if the mysql database has been restore by whom, date and pc name for MYSQL server.
    There is a case when our production database has been restored by someone but no one...
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    Resolution Issue

    I am facing a resolution issue where the layout of my web pages change when client uses different resoultion on their pc. I have come across some web site where teach us how to set the page layout...
  24. Pop Up Control Extender + Web service call failed:12030/ 500

    Hi , i encounter this in using Pop Up Control Extender inside a gridview.My coding is as below
    coding in aspx

    <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"...
  25. Modal Pop Up pass value to parent page and Post back the parent page

    Hi, i have created a web user control and use it as a modal popup where user can select a list of record from grid view and pass back the value to the parent page and postback the parent page so...
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