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  1. Re: Implementing classes and creating a driver function?

    If you're looking for some more supplementary information on implementing functions, I made a board on that topic, check it out and tell me if you like it....
  2. Thread: Image Processing

    by ak223

    Re: Image Processing

    If you're using objective C at all this could help you with image processing.
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    Re: General Object-Orientated Question

    Yeah, I just decided to throw it out there and see if it was useful to him at all.
  4. Re: Loading file into memory is taking up TOO much memory!

    You should try using Java in concert with MongoDB. MongoDB is a hot emerging database technology and it'd be useful to match the power of these two. I put a list of tutorials together about this,...
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    Re: General Object-Orientated Question

    If you're having trouble storing and reusing objects in C++ I'd check out one of the blogs on this board I made. It could be useful for your development. ...
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