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  1. Re: The History of The C++ Programming Language

    I agree
  2. Re: The History of The C++ Programming Language

    Thanks Khiem.

    I don't know how you expect me to take what you say seriously. First of all I do advertise Bjarne Stroustrup's book (Yeah, I know how to spell it, too) on all articles I write...
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    Re: 3d accelleration without ogl / d3d

    zerver is correct,
    In order to do what you are trying to achieve, you will need to be able to access the video memory on your video card. Because all video cards have different drivers, in order to...
  4. Re: The History of The C++ Programming Language

    6 hours may or may not be a long period of time, depending on the circumstances. When writing educational articles is your second job, aside from being a professional software engineer, and having...
  5. The History of The C++ Programming Language

    I have spent nearly 6 hours on writing the introduction and a second article for my blog today. It is now 3:57am PST, and I am ready to go to bed.

    This is for those who need to brush up on the...
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    Re: Changing IP Address


    That's exactly the answer I was looking for.
  7. Re: About to GO insane! ajax + php == :*( Please gurus help me!

    There is at least one mistake in the code you copy and pasted into your post. the function name alert is misspelled as "altert". Note, that in JavaScript even if you have one error the code will not...
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    Changing IP Address

    Does anyone know exactly where the browser gets the IP address from so it can be intercepted and changed to a new address before the server gets it?

    Im designing an IP stealth program.

    Reply if...
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