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    Re: InteropServices Issue

    Of course it takes asking the question publicly before finding my answer. For anyone else that may be interested, I cast my book to a worksheet, then activated.

    _Book =...
  2. Re: How do you populate a listbox with all available LPT,Com and USB ports?

    I don't do much work with LPT or USB, but for Com I use:

    string[] PortList = SerialPort.GetPortNames();
    foreach (string p in PortList)
  3. Re: Serial Port write in System.Threading.Timer

    Best to close the port after you are done using it. Is your crash possibly caused by attempting to access an already open port (Access Denied) ?
  4. Re: How do you set a textBox.text value on exit?

    I had to do this once before. I set a registry value on TB exit, and read it on TB entry. I'm sure there is a cleaner way to do it, but it fit the bill for my project. The ultimate benefit was...
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    InteropServices Issue

    I have been attempting for weeks to find a good way to bind my C# app to Excel and/or Access. Since my users may or may not have the target document open, I need a way to either bind to the...
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