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  1. Re: How to get this code work for Vb6 (AES Encrypting from Microsoft Web-site)

    hmm, isn't AES not a standard? If so, why it makes a diference how old the code is?
    1 plus 1 equals 2, doesn't matter if today or 1000 years ago :)
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    Re: Changing printer papersize at runtime

    PaperSize=122? As far as I know custom form is 256. At least ?vbPRPSUser shows me 256.
  3. Re: URLDownloadToFile failed with 800c0008 (Download failure)


    as I did not find anything about this problem, I changed the code and use now the "Microsoft Internet Transfer Control".

    Set HTTP = Inet1
    With HTTP
    .Protocol = icHTTP
    .url =...
  4. Re: URLDownloadToFile failed with 800c0008 (Download failure)

    Nobody an idea?
    Maybe some of you can try the following and report if successful or not and which Windows-Version with which Internet-Explorer Version. I googled a while and it seems to me, it could...
  5. URLDownloadToFile failed with 800c0008 (Download failure)

    Hi there, I'm new here and hope I get here a solution for my problem.
    First of all, this function worked already for a long time. So, I assume something in my environment changed and thats the...
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