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  1. Re: Split string into multiple values to be checked against Selection formula

    The above works as expected. Sorry I was looking at wrong database to compare where I don't have sufficient data.
  2. Split string into multiple values to be checked against Selection formula

    I have a requirement that a parameter String can potentially take multiple values with , separated.

    Example: USD,JPY,CAD,AUD

    This input string need to be split and checked against the...
  3. Replies

    Re: calculate the time

    local numbervar sec:=datediff("s",{EMP.EMP_INS_YMDHMS},{DEPT.DEPT_INS_YMDHMS});
    local numbervar days:=0;
    local numbervar hr:=0;
    local numbervar min:=0;
    local numbervar calc;
  4. Crystal Login using aspx with WindowsAD authentication

    We currently use csp to auto-authenticate a user using WindowsAD, query for the folder requested and open the Crystal Folder in the web page(using default aspx supplied by Cystal enterprise...
  5. Run Crystal Server Page(CSP) from Oracle DB


    Currently I have a CSP on Crystal Info server, when called from WindowsNT machine it authenticates using WinAD on the Windows NT User and runs the report. I would like to this to run from...
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